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Very Good

Surprisingly Really Good Game

posted by skilletx (MORENO VALLEY, CA) Aug 23, 2011

Member since May 2011

Catherine is a very unique type of game. Puzzle/Anime type of game.The story is just interesting enough to keep you playing and the block climbing is very challenging enough to keep you very satisfied after each floor you beat. The bad parts of the game are the terrible Camera that refuses to turn more then 90 degrees and the controls that change when your on the other side of the blocks. The Freedom and Loyal bar doesn't feel like it makes a difference till the ending. Other then that the game is really fun and addictive. Worst A rent for sure.

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GF Rating


Awesome Game

posted by Kwe_Kwe101 (BRONX, NY) Aug 20, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

I love playing this game over and over again. There are 8 different ending to this, and even though it it may seem boring, once you get use to the game play, you will love it. I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves anime, or puzzles.

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This is simply.. fantastic!

posted by Kuro (LA GRANGE, NC) Aug 20, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

I wanted to play Catherine the first time I saw a picture of the case. Don't think too perversely, here.. It caught my eye, and made me look into it more. It's the same way with all anime-like games for me. I'm a big fan of anime and therefore when I see a game that has that look, I find an urge to play it.

Anyways, Catherine is a very different game. You play two different games.. a game of socialization in the day-time and a game of survival at night. What you do in the daytime affects what you do at night. For instance, as you will learn shortly after starting the game, the more you drink during the day, the faster you will move in the nightmares. Positive message there, eh? That's why it's rated M, kids..

I enjoyed this game especially because when I thought it was coming to a close.. I was WRONG. :D I was very happy to find that the 'end' I thought was an end was not an end! Still with me? I had about 3 more hours of gameplay after that point. That's what catches me most in a game. When a great game isn't over.

The gameplay is pretty simple. A puzzle game where you stack blocks to reach the exit. Don't make your staircase fast enough and you will either A: Fall and die, or B: Get hit by a boss and die.. or fall and die.
Pretty simple, yeah? But they add little things here and there to keep you on your feet. Trampoline blocks, ice blocks, spike blocks, bombs, etc.. It makes the way you travel up very unique.
Though, depending on your difficulty setting, the blocks you have to play with will change. I found the easiest setting was challenging.. especially so later on towards the end. I admit, a few times I used Youtube to cheat..

The voice acting is great, as is the graphics. Music too.. All of the sound and pictures is really really good. I can't think of a single flaw in either aspects.

As far as the entire game is concerned, the only reasosn I didn't give it a score of 10 is because after beating it the first time, I was too exhausted to start over anew.

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