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This is a excellent game, don't be afraid to p

posted by Jack_V (BRONX, NY) Aug 13, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

This is a puzzle game at its core, and if your just another mindless sheep following the herd waiting to shoot your friends in the face for a UAV, you best keep walking, oh lamb. I played and beat this game in 2 days on normal, im no brainiac but im no quitter either, the trick to this game is thinking. If you try to solve the puzzles with out any planning you'll find yourself in an impossible situation. At first it will seem ridiculously difficult, but just like any game you gotta let the mechanics sink in. You might find that its not as daunting as you first thought and possibly even addictive. You might even discover you have a talent for it, and there is nothing better then feeling your smarter then you were the day before like that Portal 2 feeling. I mean i feel smarter the the people that commented that "it was too hard, and i quit after 10 mins" BOO HOO! People, there was a demo don't be mad at Gamefly because of your carelessness. The story is very well written but the in game cut-scenes leave a bit to be desired, but it still gets the job done well. Anything else is told through great looking anime scenes, and if you enjoy anime (I do) you'll enjoy this.The story is one of those changing to your actions type of deals with instead of you out right chosing being bad or being good, your seemingly pointless interactions have effects on your state of mind which is what your character (Vincent) will base his actions on, in the story that deals with adult themes like love, lust, infidelity, loyalty and the complex relationships between men and women. With a whopping 8 possible endings it's best to be true to yourself and do what you would do in that situation, for your an ending that you'll love, which can end with a perfect farytale ending, a indecisive ending or a WTH did i just see happy ending, ect. So yeah, a great story, rewarding gameplay, and even local co-op and competitive, with global leader boards. But with no online i give it a 9 out 10. PLAY IT!

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a one of a kind

posted by Sweedie (MOUNT PLEASANT, SC) Jul 25, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

25 out of 40 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

Catherine is a completely new kind of game were you play as a 32 year old man that seems kinda bored on his life with a girl freind named Katherine (with a K) that is strict and is constantly talking about getting married and getting kids, but your character is not much for that.

But one day things changes when a drunken girl sits next to him in a bar, the girls name is Catherine (with a C). Later he wakes up and he sees this girl laying next to him and after that things gets really complicated.

Most of the time you will spend is in his dreams were he always has to complete this challenges to experience the next day. These challenges are a little like puzzles, You have to draw the right boxes to reach the top or other kinds of things while something/someone is hunting you.
When youre not playing in the dreams you are usually in the bar hanging with youre friends or just messin around talking to others.

The game is a one of a kind and fantastic if you are tired of this shooters or you might just want to try something new. As a puzzle game this game gets a 10 of 10 toasts but as a game overall it gets 7 toasts.

But notice this game is hard even on the easiest difficulty so if you cant handle games were you die a lot this is not a game for you if you dont pay attention for a few seconds you might die.

The game is though fun and you always want to know whats happens next and that gives you a good motivation to keep on playing the game

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This Game is......

posted by nandaholmes (LAUREL, MD) Jan 17, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

NERVE RACKING!!!!! The primice of the game is good. The cut scenes are way too long and the climbing stages are difficult even on easy. Plus this is the first video game with morality question. If u want something different this is it.

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