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Very Good

Changing minds

posted by Wolfmaster (ALBANY, OR) Feb 24, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

Now, first off I was never a Castlevania fan since my first Castlevania game, Simon's Quest for the nes. I had checked this game out and I have now became a fan of the series, despite my bad experience with the nes game I am going to go back at it. Now I actually am ganna try to play the castlevania games I can. I liked the co-op mode offline and online, and the wi-fi store, not only got good items from it, but made a large profit. There are a series of weapons and skills for each character, from using a cross for Jonathan (favorite weapon for him) to using a large flaming salamander for Charolette (odd I know, but good spell depending how good you are with it, though I preffer the chain lightning spell). I have took advantage of the special dual moves, like using the past heros to kill the final boss, to using a dual move kill annoying enemies. The quests given by the mysterious ghost (trying to be spoiler free) can give you many rewards that was well worth it. There is also the Vampire Killer, weakest weapon at first, but when unleashing its power later in the game, it will become the most powerfull weapon you will have. This game got pretty addicting with over 100 enemies and the leveling up. Hope many take a look at this game, especially those not fans of the game in hope they will become aware of the series.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Picture Perfect

posted by SmartBombs (DECATUR, AL) Feb 16, 2007

Member since Feb 2006

Review from w w o m

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin is not a creative game. Aside from the brilliant two-character gameplay, there is no innovation over the previous 2-D entries. The storyline and characters are bland at best, the enemy types are recycled from previous titles, and the environments are cliched and even a little ugly sometimes.
So why the high score? Because for every artistic fault, they make it up for in math. You can almost feel the perfect code as you slash away at that boss. The RPG elements are exquisitely crafted, matching the pacing and striking an ideal balance between complexity and accessibility. Bosses are visceral and exciting, and the DS rune-tracing mechanic from Dawn of Sorrow is thankfully missing.
Although it doesn't stray drastically from the series' "metroid-vania" powerup/exploration gameplay, Portrait of Ruin does add a couple of ideas to the formula. The two character system works wonderfully (although co-op is sadly MIA, except in Boss Rush mode). The AI isn't just awesome, but the game affords you enough control deal with any problems. Unfortunately, the level design never really takes intellectual advantage of the two-character system, and it leaves a lot of puzzle potential untapped.
In short, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin continues to further the pedigree that began with Symphony of the Night. Plus, with plenty of extras, like extra playable characters and endings, this baby will be snuggled in your DS card slot for a while.

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2D Rocks!!

posted by hahalina (BAKERSFIELD, CA) Jan 30, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

A return to classic 2D, side scrollers. I love how even though POR is on the DS system it does not give in to the temptation of using the touch screen function too much. During actual game play and fighting I did not use it at all. They (whoever they are) did not mess with a good thing. Not since Symphony of the Night has Castlevania looked and played so awesomely.

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