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Awesome game! But not for the faint of heart

posted by heimburg (ORLANDO, FL) Jan 20, 2007

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This is easily the best Castlevania since the PS1 classic Symphony of the Night. And you can really tell that the designers sat down and asked themselves, "How can we really top our earlier games?" They didn't just rearrange the magic system like handheld Castlevanias usually do -- they also added a fighting partner with all sorts of partner moves, plus a quest system to give you even more to do while you're wandering the castle.

You get rewards constantly and the pacing is very good. The sound is beautiful and the visuals are often stunning. I would love to have this game's soundtrack.

There is one thing to be aware of, though. After about a half hour of easy-going monster stabbing, you'll run into your first boss, and you'll then realize that the kid-gloves are off. You'll probably have to fight that boss many times until you've memorized his moves. This boss is extra difficult because the first part of the game was so easy that you are totally unprepared for a hard boss! So now I've warned you. Keep it in mind, and practice your moves and timing at the beginning of the game. Buy a bunch of potions at the stor, and don't forget to save right outside the boss's door.

After the first boss, there are a few relatively easy bosses, and then some devastatingly hard bosses. If you hate the idea of having to fight a boss battle a dozen times to learn the moves, this is not the game for you.

Outside of the boss battles, the game gets slowly more difficult, eventually reaching a point where it's actually pretty tough just to survive from one save point to another. You can remedy this, though, by either getting better at the game or by leveling up your character, farming items and abilities.

This is a deep game with a lot of complexity and substance to master. But the real hook is the really strong feeling of exploration you get. You'll find yourself wondering what the game has in store for you after this next boss. And don't worry: you won't be disappointed.

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One word: Amazing

posted by ShionRulez (PORTLAND, OR) Dec 29, 2006

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I am a long-time Castlevania fan and this one, at first, brought me down. My bro beat the game all in one day. I thought that was kind of stupid because the last Castlevania (Dawn of Sorrow) had taken me forever to beat. Then we figured out that he got the "bad ending". This is what i love about the Castlevania games (the new ones). They have multiple endings to make you work harder! Also, Hard mode (lv1 cap mostly) is hard enough for any player. There are a lot of weapons and armor that make you play for hours just trying to get.

The one thing i am happy about in Castlevania:PoR is that it still has kept the side-scrolling game play. This makes it harder to dodge enemy attacks making the game harder! (and more challenging)

For any (or not) Castlevania fan, you WILL NOT be disappointed with this new release. The game may be shorter then the last Castlevania, but it keeps the action going at a faster pace!

Also the bonus of the Wi-Fi co-op mode is fun! I've tried it already and i played with some people. I recommend trying it (after you get: Vampire Killer (full-powered), Holy Claymore, or golden Axe (just recommendations).

Enjoy the game!

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DS owners rejoice!!!

posted by Insanity (Perry, FL) Dec 21, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

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Now the castlevania series has had an equal amount of completly awesome games to the completly dissapointing games.

So, with this in mind I can tell you that another completly awesome game has been charted on the board.

First of all the graphics are in the classic 2-D style that keeps on getting better each time. There is no error in the graphics at anytime during play so you don't have to worry about seeing things suddenly appear and dissapear in the background. The makers have also combined some of the backgrounds and enemies with 3-D graphics, usually this makes the game look wierd and out of place but for this game it worked perfectly

The story in this is a great change for once, instead of fighting Dracula you are trying to stop a vampire named Brauner and his daughters from taking over the world. The story also includes serperate backgrounds for the characters which gives each one a more realisic attitude.

Most of all the gameplay will keep you on edge, the battles against masses of unrelenting enemies never stop and will keep your thumbs moving through-out the whole game. Also, this time around there are quests which give you hints on how to complete a task for a reward such as a skill, ability, or item. Then they also have mastering of abilities which can keep you buisy for hours at a time just to master one. The game play still has me hooked after beating it on hard mode.

Overall this game is hands-down a must buy.

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