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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia


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"Order" Isn't a Bad Thing

posted by IllogicalJ (BROOKLYN, NY) Oct 28, 2008

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Order of Ecclesia may play like Symphony of the Night, but the linear level design is a throwback to the classic Castlevania games. The result: fun gameplay, but because of the lack of backtracking, less game. This is not a bad thing; instead, it's a more focused, intentional game, with some clever boss battles, and a wide variety of difficult locales. (Unfortunately, the same music is recycled.) There's also an actual hub now, a town that is repopulated (Soul Blazer-style) as you free villagers from each level, not to mention some fetch quests, a few of which actually require you to pay attention to where you've been.

Most interesting of all is the new "glyph" system, which allows you to mix and match weapons and magic attacks to the X/Y buttons, creating combos and specials as you go. (The R trigger is used for defensive magic, or to alternate between glyph "sleeves" or presets.) You probably won't need to use most of that arsenal (especially since your skills don't level up), but the customization is fun, and the weapons are varied enough to make you test them.

Overall, Dawn of Sorrow's tag-team combat and painting-based exploration is still the best hand-held Castlevania. But Ecclesia's an interesting hybrid, and a step in the right creative direction: after all, after beating Dracula and exploring his castle 10+ times, you need to think outside the box (or at least, for a little while, the castle).

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Very good.

posted by Vilago (BEAR, DE) Jan 2, 2009

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I don't understand the low reviews of this game. Sure the beginning can be difficult, but bosses aren't supposed to be easy that's why they're bosses. the only early one i had trouble with was the wall climbing crab. after that the game was challenging but not overly annoying. The point of Castlevania games (or RPGs for that matter) is to level up your character. If you don't do that, your going to have a hard time staying alive in general.

pluses: improvement on a tried a true formula for a fun game so addicting that you can't put down; extra modes in the game are actually fun this time around (albus mode is pretty amazing imo); plenty of areas to explore; weapon system takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it is pretty cool.

cons: the weapon system is good, but i feel they didnt explain it well enough. i didnt fully understand how to work it until i had almost beaten the game. story/dialogue is kinda lame (kinda expected) the mini areas in the beginning should be bigger. i felt like they were put in there as more of an afterthought.

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overall it was a decent game

posted by schmidty89 (REDONDO BEACH, CA) Jan 6, 2009

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i liked this version of castlevania. but no extra stuff to go backtracking and get. so it was not fun in that category to my opinion. but i did like the gameplay how it was and seemed challenging at times.

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