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Mixed review 10 in the start 3 in the end

posted by Brnhornet (ROSEVILLE, CA) Jan 27, 2011

Member since Jun 2010

Game is great in the beginning and the story is strong and you want to follow it but it gets boring at the end....Its god of war blah blah who cares....its a puzzle/musher in the first half and mostly just puzzles in the end

I would say purchase this game because its very long and has some achievements that can only be gotten by playing threw the campaign at least 1.5 times

Graphics 10
Story 10.....3 as the game goes on it turns more and more into bayonetta

should at least be 1 or 2 on your list till new 2011 games come out

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This is the future of Castlevania?

posted by T23HRG (NORMAL, IL) Jan 24, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

By this point I've played the bulk of the Castlevania games several have been great others haven't this one easily falls into the haven't category.
1. My biggest complaint is easily the camera angles. I haven't seen camera angles this terrible since the first Resident Evil for PS. Whether its enemies attacking from off screen or having to make a blind jump off a ledge that's killing you its pretty safe to say there isn't much you can do to improve what you see. You'd think this would only be a rare maybe a monster just bugged out and is camping in that one area you can't see very well. Nope bosses do it too. On the higher difficulties where depending on the move bosses can 1 or 2 shot you you'll still find several bosses that abuse the camera.

2. Climbing in this game is terrible. Once you get the grappling whip you start needing to climb down walls. The problem is the designers never put in any way to tell when to stop going down beyond death. In several parts you see the whip stretch to the equivalence of several stories in length others only about 10 ft. If you go any farther the whip detaches from the wall and you die.

3. Repetitive. I can't say that enough your whip never really increases in damage done so you'll be using the same basic moves over and over on monsters with increasing HP.

1. Story- The story is actually really entertaining and easily one of the few things that kept me playing the game.
2. Narrator- Patrick Stewart narrating the openings to levels as well as being the voice of one of the characters was another one of the entertaining things about this.
3. References- If you're as big of a Castlevania fan as I am you'll get some amusement out of every other level having a somewhat clever nod to past games.
4. Graphics- It might have sucked to play but hey it was really pretty.

Overall its sad to say that the most enjoyable parts of a video game were the story and graphics rather than the actual gameplay.

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Beautiful graphics!

posted by bussupshot (AUSTIN, TX) Jan 8, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

If you like button smashers, you'll love this! The gameplay is very much like God of War and the graphics are extremely beautiful! However, the camera angles make the gameplay very awkward. Many times the camera angle will change but the joystick direction wouldn't match (this makes for falling off edges). Also, having to go back and reply levels once you've earned new techniques is quite boring and waste of time just to complete achievements. All-in-all, I really enjoyed the game and was contantly in awe at the beautiful scenes and environments. Puzzles and mini-games are also very enjoyable. I recommend this as a rental but with very low replay value.

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