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Good, but not great

posted by Pinkfloyd9 (PHIL CAMPBELL, AL) Oct 13, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

Lords of Shadows is fun, plain and simple. Whether you're slaying about a hundred Zombies or chasing that annoying Chupacabra, this game keeps you interested. But there are a few flaws. The story is weak, only kept alive by Patrick Stewart (Except in the final level, you'll know what I mean when you get there) and often leaves you sighing in agony as you trudge through a cut-scene. The camera angles aren't HORRIBLE, but they could've been much better. The game is also very hard, no matter what difficulty you place it on. It also follows an annoying video-game trend that pulls a boss out of the deepest, darkest corners of the game that they haven't mentioned at any point of the game. Seriously, all through it you think the Necromancer Dark Lord is it, then at the VERY final level they pull a new character out of nowhere that's easier to beat than most other bosses.

Though, as I said before, Lords of Shadow is FUN. I spent three days non-stop playing it before I beat it. God of War 2 took me one. The levels are very varied and shows a lot of variety. The bosses are insanely fun to beat, and fighting normal enemies doesn't feel tedious. A tip, LEARN TO DODGE!!!!! That will save you a huge headache since most enemies hit hard and fast. Definite rent.

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GF Rating


Great GOW knock off

posted by morelloman (HOBOKEN, NJ) Oct 11, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

far from perfect, but a great mix of powers and just hard enough puzzles make this game a blast to play. Going back to old levels to get powers up is a nice feature, and speaking of levels, nothing wrong with old fashioned linear point A to point B action. The game looks amazing to boot. I hope they make another one.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Definitely the best 3D Castlevania game but...

posted by HrdcrGamr (HIGLEY, AZ) Oct 10, 2010

Member since May 2010

There are a few drawbacks keeping it from being a classic.

First off, the platforming sections, while good, can be incredibly wonky at times. Sometimes you will miss a ledge that you are sure you should of been able to grab or you will tap forward and Gabriel will take a huge man like leap off the ledge sending you to your doom. One time, I climbed up a ledge and when I climbed back down to the handhold I was just on, my guy went into the falling animation.

Also, the music, while well composed, is nowhere near Castlevania's usual quality. And, there are a couple they play way too often. I love the main theme and all, but does that song really need to be played at nearly ever cutscene and boss battle in the first half of the game. A little more variety would of been nice.

The fixed camera can also sometimes let the enemies get in a few cheap shots during combat. Especially in certain boss battles. There was one boss fight where the boss kept summoning enemies that would dive bomb you and would do a lot of damage. Yet the camera was constantly locked on the boss flying circles around the arena.

And when mashing a button in QTE moments, there is no real "oomph" like you feel in Bayonetta, God Hand or God of War.

Everything else about the game is great though


Amazingly varied level design. You go from forest, bogs, and ruins, to castles, monasteries, and the land of the dead. Every level is different and are all gorgeous to look at.

Combat is strategic and fun.
Epic Boss battles
Voice acting is top notch
Game is actually quite long(About 15-20 hours)
Enemy design is top notch
Good use of light/dark magic
Interesting puzzles
Gorgeous vistas


Occasional off camera hits from enemies because of fixed camera
Platforming can be very wonky
Music could be more varied
Life does not regenerate at the end of each stage/level

Overall, the game is great and FEELS like how Castlevania should play in 3D. Highly recommended.

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