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A Worthy 'Belmont'

posted by juicebeast (SEATTLE, WA) Oct 15, 2010

Member since Jun 2007

A fun, albeit formulaic, linear gothic adventure a la God of War. What feels familiar has not been injusticed. The flavor lacks any Castlevania nostalgia for the most part, but is still a hearty foray into a very Castlevania-ESQUE universe.

Gabriel's whip is a fantastically sweet weapon that gets upgraded with new technology as you prgress through the story. Along with that new technology comes the ability to revisit areas previously inexplorable, as well as the expected new combat moves. The combat itself flows dynamically and God of War fans will be right at home.

The codex is fascinating, with well-written details and stories for every new ally, enemy, artifact, and previously slain warrior you stumble upon. Unlockables and hidden upgrades are very satisfying for those who enjoy such things.

The audio and visuals are epic. Each new level inspired a jaw-drop from me in regard to presentation and ambiance. It's a perfect mix of gothica and organic terror, and in such a balanced way that it's hard to tire of the scenery and settings. The VOs are superbly done (hard to go wrong with Patrick Stewart).

Replay value is very high, as replaying levels for more XP and to find things you couldn't access before is a welcome necessity. Trials unlock after completing a level, challenging you to try again and meet specific requirements that range from piece-of-cake to you-want-me-to-do-what? Artwork is slowly unlocked in the Extras section, as well as some other surprises that I won't spoil.

For me, the only shortcoming of this game is how copycat it is, but that doesn't spoil how fun it is. It's very polished, well-executed copycatting and provides its own spin on the formula that I enjoyed 100%.

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The new Castlevania is pretty epic

posted by Saervok (SAINT CHARLES, MO) Oct 14, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

So if you're a fan of the god of war games, then this game should grab you right away. God of war type battle system meets prince of persia type environment interaction(climbing on ledges, balancing while crossing beams, etc). Gameplay is very smooth and there are practically an infinite number of combo strings that you can put together so once u get they hang of it, get crazy! And a word of advice, make SURE u explore EVERY part of EVERY area if u want to max out Gabriel by the end of the game. Don't wanna give too much away so I'll just leave it at that. Definitely an enjoyable game, HIGHLY recommend checking it out.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Castlevania Lords of Shadow

posted by Nemeasy (BAKERSFIELD, CA) Oct 14, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

This game was truly a beauty. The graphics and landscaping are something to stop and take a look at alone. The

story wasn't anything like another Castlevania game. Story and gameplay was solid! I thought it was a mix of God of War, Devil May Cry,

Shadow of the Colossus. If you bought any of those games, I would consider buying Lords of Shadow.

Voice acting (Robert Carlyle,Jason Isaacs,Patrick Stewart)

Camra angles
Button masher
No map direction ( Go on you'll figure it out! )
Puzzles are easy

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