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GF Rating

Really Bad

Looks pretty. However...

posted by Cryptiknight (NORFOLK, VA) Sep 4, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

I absolutely enjoyed the first game and Mirror of Fate on the DS and was looking forward to enjoying this instalment, but the joy of playing it after the first 2 hours wasn't there. The game looks very nice, improving upon the outstanding visuals of the LOS. The only thing lacking was the action. There was very little action in the game, but the action that was there though was very lack luster. It seemed that the further you got into the game, the more that the enemies you encountered would have some sort of shield to protect themselves from your attacks, everything ranging from little shotguns, to actual shields, to impenetrable armour where the only way to get through them was to use you chaos powers to heat up and destroy the shields, which if you run out of chaos magic, prepare for a lengthy grind of killing the small guys just to slowly build up your magic again. Even then the battles seem to result in you just dodging attacks from multiple enemies at once or with every monster having some sort of area damage and barely being able to get a hit on your foes resulting in even the basic of battles become nothing more than a chore. Not to mention that when you're in a boss or mini-boss battle that if you don't defeat the main target, lesser foes continuously spawn and distract you while the big guy quickly drains your health bar and magic.

Sadly I only played though about the first half of the game before I sent it back in disappointment. The storyline is weak with you once again defeating Satan's acolytes to prevent his return and the excruciating quest to repair the Mirror of Fate for some character who portrays as your second son. Almost nothing that made the first game great made it into this game and that's really disappointing seeing as how LOS, while not perfect, was a really fun game.

I may come back to this game in the future, but as it stands right now, it's one of the few games I have left unfinished in 15 years of gaming.

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GF Rating


Very pretty, but...

posted by zekemelias (AUSTIN, TX) Sep 2, 2014

Member since May 2010

The graphic and artwork are amazing, and the story is definitely in-depth and captivating. The gameplay and gaping holes of logic however brings the rest to a halt. Following the story for the first game, Gabriel Belmont is now Dracula and awakens in modern times. However, this Dracula feels more of a wimpy goth kid hiding in school hallways from the jocks. Apparently everyone is stronger than him, and you have to "stealth mission" several times in the game. Brings the action to a grinding halt and demeans the whole basis of Dracula, Prince of Darkness, The Dragon. Then the fact that it has 2 storylines running at the same time, neither of which ever interact with each other. The 2nd one involves Dracula mysteriously (teleporting/shifting/appearing) in his old castle via (time travel/memories/his own mind). Which is it? No one seems to bother to explain. Only reason game wise is that's where you get your new powers, cause I guess modern time monsters can't be bothered to have anything nice.
The combat is putting. At times it flows smoothly and can create a fun while challenging experience. Then the game goes unforgiving mid-battle, punishing you if you attempt to dodge too soon/too late, and refusing to let you maneuver yourself into a more strategic position. All monsters are unaffected by your combo attacks and will freely attack in the middle of your combos (which you HAVE to use several times in combat to "upgrade your weapon," I say in quotes cause I see little to no improvements). They show very slight/no movements that they are about to attack with exceptions to non-blockable attacks, which can still be frustratingly difficult to even dodge mid-combo.
After hitting a rather time-consuming and extremely frustrating stealth game, I called it quits and sent it back.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Same Old Story.

posted by KuykieKrisps (JOINT BASE LEWIS MCCHORD, WA) Aug 31, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

I enjoyed the game for the most part, but it felt like the same old game. two lords of shadow die and the last battle is satan. In LoS 2 two acolytes die and your last battle is satan again. Aside from that Konami seems to have failed the whole open world scene with no side missions and a very limited map. I give it an 8 because despite it's failures it had very smooth combat and a very well coordinated skill tree for each of your skill categories.

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