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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2


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Above Average

Castlevania: LOS2

posted by DangerBabe (PENDLETON, IN) Apr 15, 2014

Member since Jul 2009

For the most part, I enjoyed the game - good length of play, graphics pretty good, gameplay easy (though with zillions of combos, I find myself sticking to half a dozen or so throughout)...but the travel in this game, from location to location, was extremely trying on my patience and memory. I hate resorting to online maps and guides to find things, but there was nothing intuitive or easy to navigate with in this game. Just trying to get back to the Chupacabra's Shop was the insanity that made me put this game back in the mail to Gamefly. I wanted to round out the items and level everything up after the main storyline was finished - but it was so horrible to travel all over the place to do it, I just gave up.

I guess regarding storyline, I just don't know my Castlevania history as well as I thought I did - I don't remember all the characters involved, if they did exist. If they were new for this game, there was no real explanation for who they were or where they came from. The ending tried to tie it all up, but didn't really pull it off. Still, worth playing in my book.

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Not a major improvement

posted by jacksonran (SPRINGVILLE, IN) Apr 14, 2014

Member since Aug 2010

I enjoyed the gameplay of the first one but it lacked with everything else. I wanted to LOVE this one. It was very enjoyable but the flaws flowed over the this one too. Throwing it in the modern world for majority of the game was a let down in the environment too.

Good: The gameplay, storyline, and cut scenes were great. It continued off of the first and finished the great story. It finished a little weak in my opinion though.

Bad: It isn't a real long game and is worth a rent only.

Ugly: Too many collectables. All of the enhancements and health are increased with many many collectables. Both the first and this one are not achievement friendly. Too many B.S things.

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by Mayonaka (OMAHA, NE) Mar 28, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

The game isn't nearly as good as the first one. The story seems lacking and could have been much better. It doesn't make up for the lack of fights and annoying reoccurring fights. The combat controls can be frustrating as they don't respond in time causing you to suffer major damage. This can be impossible to recover from since, unlike the first, it doesn't save the stage of the boss fight you're in. The bosses have also become easier so if your looking for a challenge you'd be better off playing on hard mode. Overall decent game that I recommend playing, but not nearly as good as it's predecessor.

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