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A Dissapointing Follow Up

posted by DragonWalrus (YOUNGSTOWN, OH) Apr 29, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

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Mirror of Fate fails to live up to the expectations established by Lords of Shadow. Keeping in mind the game is meant to be a tie-in between the original and the sequel, it offers little in the way of actual new story or new gameplay mechanics. It is in essence a much simpler version of Lords of Shadow. Breaking it down by parts, the controls lack the polish needed to compete on a system that thrives on it's strong platformers. The combat is incredibly simple and usually just comes down to button mashing Y. Graphically and musically the game doesn't have any moments that really grab your attention. One of the defining characteristics of the Castlevania Series has been the challenge they offer, a challenge that is sorely lacking here. Every other room seems to have a full health and mana fountain, and if somehow you die you will respawn in the room likely a foot from where you died. On top of that bosses have phases so if you beat one part of the boss and die, you start on the next part of the fight. As a whole the game doesn't do anything badly, but it definitely doesn't do anything well and at about 8-10 Hours for full completion it really doesn't offer any replayability. If you enjoyed Lords of Shadow and are looking forward to the sequel it's a good way to pass the time. If you are looking for a good Castlevania just play Lords of Shadow or Symphony of the Night.

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We want the old castlevania to return!!!

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) May 18, 2013

Member since May 2010

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This game's story was written by some drug addict who obviously didn't know the story of Castlevania! Leon Belmont lived in the 11th century! Which was 1001-1100
Gabriel belmont is supposedly his son which would put him in the same time period! Trevor Belmont lived in the 14th century which would be 1301-1400, a hundred years later 1401-1500 Simon Belmont lived and fought Dracula and he returned a hundred years later to fight dracula again in 1501-1600!! Fifty years later Juste Belmont Simon's grandson had to fight against dracula in order to save his freinds! and then near the end of the 1700's close to the 1800's Richter Belmont fought dracula and five years after that Alucard awoke to recue Richter from a mind controlled effort to bring Dracula back again. Now here comes the Lord of Shadows series to screw everything up!!!! You can't just discard what is canon and expect to be taken seriously!!! The Lord of shadows series is an abomination on Castlevania as a whole! Thanks to the folks at mercury-steam the castlevania series is going down the drain and this games story is proof of it! The castlevania franchise needs to return tro its roots; AS IN ROOT-CANON!!! The lore of castlevania is quite rich and epic it doesn't need to be rewritten for five year-olds who don't understand or comprehend time! They have made dracula into a laughing stock, and they have insulted the legacy of the Belmont family(sigh). As a fan of the old series I am insulted by this re-invented story. The graphics are quite good which is what adds to the Tragic factor(not to say that there is anything wrong with the old school graphics mind you)! This game becomes a joke at times story wise, and some of the laughs seem to be intentional, but the rest aren't.. Gameplay starts solid, but quicktime events ruin it! This isn't God of War people! This is Castlevania, so take your quick-time events elswhere, and quite trying to ruin the canon of caslevania! Try before you buy, you are warned!

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Stay away game has some nasty bugs in it

posted by slidecage (FORT WAYNE, IN) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Dec 2007

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I was at the end of ACT 1 and climbed up the outer tower and went though the glass to beat the final boss of act 1... Won it and then my battery dies... I have to restart from last save spot what is outside the tower... There is a major glitch the game shows i beat the boss so there is no way to get back into that room even though the save spot is before you fight the boss MEANING IM GOING TO HAVE TO DELETE MY SAVE AND START OVER FROM STEP 1.....

as of right now there is no way to fix the bug they responded so BEWARE and WATCH YOUR BATTERY LIFE

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