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<3 all castlevania games!

posted by Sonzaikami (LUCERNE, CA) Nov 19, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

I'm big fan of fighting and castlevania games.First game I played on wii.I actually bought the wii to play it.I dunno why you ppl be voted it bad.The controls is hard to get use to. I switch off with controllers but mostly use the wii controller.The nunchunks are are for certain things but the controller you definetly got control.nunchunks are easier to pull off combos and such or if you're in a rush.For starts It better off with a controller than nunchunks.This is fun in my opinion.

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Very Good

its a very good game

posted by Tvelik (EL CENTRO, CA) Oct 7, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

i dont see why people hate it so much,the controls are fine,the story is......
well its a fighting of course theres no freakin story
i hate that people are just mad because of the changes
like maria's obession of breasts...weird
anyway people complain of the design,the fact that its a fighting a game and thats its on the wii...
so i agree with some stuff it is true that the designs are ridiculous on some of them but their fine on some others as well
all i can say is that people are just plan old stuck in the past
and their being stupid about not giving things a try which makes them bland for sticky with only one style,sure side scrolling castlevania is fun and all but jeez! let them experement atleast!

personaly i like this,its fun,simple and it didnt take me a long time to understand
infact i hope they'll make another judgement and include more characters and have what ever was wrong with this game,fixed

the good:

fighting system works

pretty good controls

gets a 1 up for having shanoa from order of ecclesia

and is just fun
plus characters are easy to work with

the bad:

bad wifi

on normal difficulty its freakin weird how strong they are,which sucks if just started and right away having to change the difficulty

most of characters dont show any emotion,with shanoa its understandable,she lost her emotions...even though she can get sad and mad?

how the fans complain about this game so freakin much! all i see in review is saying that it sucks which it doesnt!

why is the gaint stronger than the rest of the characters and he barley moves!

anyway the bad was more like nitpicking but thats all i thought was bad

and about maria's breast obession? theres atleast ONE! in every japaninse game so i dont see it as a threat so this game gets

a 8/10

so thanks for reading my opinion

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GF Rating

Very Good

Castlevania Regroup

posted by Lordjon (FORT WORTH, TX) Jan 10, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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This game has a decent character selection from multiple titles mixed into it. The combat system is pretty nice. I tended to use the Gamecube controller more then the Nunchuk controls as they felt clunky to me a bit. The battle system is balanced the supers are nice and no one is really over powered. I personally like to use Shanoa the most.(not because of the DS game but because of her mix of close and long range combat.) Their isn't much plot so don't buy it for that, buy it for the ability to use Castlevania characters against other Castlevania characters. The graphics are very nice for a Wii game as well and the stages are awesome. Some of them feel like something straight out of a combination of Mortal Kombat and Castlevania. There is plenty of Nostalgia to be found in this game if you remember any of the games the characters are from. I personally liked all the Castlevania 3 characters, the music, the Symphony of The Night characters as well as the original Aeon character. This game is very good for the keep it price as well. I suggest both renting and keeping it if you are a Castlevania fan who doesn't care about plotline and wants a versus battle style game to play with friends.

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