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Very Good

Castlevania Regroup

posted by Lordjon (FORT WORTH, TX) Jan 10, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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This game has a decent character selection from multiple titles mixed into it. The combat system is pretty nice. I tended to use the Gamecube controller more then the Nunchuk controls as they felt clunky to me a bit. The battle system is balanced the supers are nice and no one is really over powered. I personally like to use Shanoa the most.(not because of the DS game but because of her mix of close and long range combat.) Their isn't much plot so don't buy it for that, buy it for the ability to use Castlevania characters against other Castlevania characters. The graphics are very nice for a Wii game as well and the stages are awesome. Some of them feel like something straight out of a combination of Mortal Kombat and Castlevania. There is plenty of Nostalgia to be found in this game if you remember any of the games the characters are from. I personally liked all the Castlevania 3 characters, the music, the Symphony of The Night characters as well as the original Aeon character. This game is very good for the keep it price as well. I suggest both renting and keeping it if you are a Castlevania fan who doesn't care about plotline and wants a versus battle style game to play with friends.

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Not the deepest fighter, but fairly accessible.

posted by Dravna (CHICAGO RIDGE, IL) Jan 27, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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I should first state that Castlevania: Judgment was the reason why I started a GameFly trial. A number of professional reviewers have written that they thought this game was terrible, but I was able to find amateur reviews on YouTube from people who enjoyed or even loved the game, so I thought it would be best to rent it.

Castlevania: Judgment is something of a mixture of several fighting games: the weapon combat of SoulCalibur, the 3-D roaming combat of Power Stone and some of the fan service of Super Smash Bros. "Some of the fan service" because there are certainly aspects to the characters and stories which bug me; if this had not been a part of the Castlevania franchise it would be a bit more forgivable. While the music features new versions of old favorites such as "Vampire Killer" and "Bloody Tears," the designs of the characters are not what one expects from Castlevania.

Once you get past things such as the odd dialogue to tie some of the stories of certain characters to each other (after all, fighting games are not known for their stories), there's a fairly good game to be played.

I started with the Wii-mote and nunchuck and found it
was precise enough to complete the game on Easy difficulty several times over without being tiresome. The "hold down/charge a button and press another" method is a simple way to add some variation in a game which doesn't feature crouching attacks or d-pad inputs. I switched later to the classic controller for more precision. I don't see any need to use an arcade stick.

You can view your characters moves while paused. A sub-weapon can be added into some of your combos to extend them. Inputs are the same across characters, but none of them suffer from cloned moves. Each character certainly has a unique play style, with some (Grant, Cornell, Dracula) having an additional use for their hyper meter than just the one-button hyper-combo (without a cinematic). Not deep, but good.

Works well!

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Good but not great

posted by Junbug8 (HOLLAND, MI) May 18, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

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It was a little bit better than I expected. But what I didn't like was that their was a little character roster I'am used to a lot of characters. Batlles end way to fast wish you could change the fights a little more like changing damage percentage and stuff like that.And also the game to me is a little short. So overall it is an okay fighting game.

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