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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow


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Where "Castlevania" Means Quality

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) May 31, 2006

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The DS appears to be the last refuge of the Castlevania franchise, in good 'ol enhanced 2-D. But what a home it is! "Dawn of Sorrow" is the latest contributor to this franchise and doesn't disappoint.

-Great graphics (no 3D is necessary: it's Castlevania!)
-Soul collection is addictive
-Soul combining is also addictive (special powers!)
-Minor (but fun) RPG elements
-Monsters are diverse and interesting (no real "two-color" versions of the same monster).
-Bosses are challenging the first time around.

-"Touch" implementation is so-so. Nice to "erase" walls of ice...not so fun to draw out magical sigils since it depends on penmanship! Sucks to keep fighting the same boss over and over since I can't draw a pentagram to save my life (literally)!
-Plot is a bit convoluted (but it is Castlevania!)

-No online capability (Not a real "Boo" though...)

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One of the best DS games ever!

posted by R0MN3y (REEDLEY, CA) May 2, 2006

Member since May 2005

First off using different souls to attack enemies, AWESOME! Some souls are hard to get like Iron Golem( 0% chance, bumped to 1% with souleater ring). Soma is back In Dawn of Sorrow with new weapons and souls. Boss rush mode is more complex and new create map thing. Julius mode is difficult, but you get to use Alucard( cool) the son of Dracula. Great Game!

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Very Good

Wrong system: Sorry!

posted by dmbrandon (PHILADELPHIA, PA) May 1, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

Keep in mind: If this were a GameBoy Advanced game, the score would be 9, perhaps 10. But when you plug it to a gimmick system, and the gimmick is poor, then you've lost.

Step one: Visuals.
If you've never played a Castlevania game before, this is how Castlevania looks. It's cryptic, and smart. Details given, where detail is needed.

The enemies move flawlessly, and I encountered not one half second of slowdown throughout the game! Nothing too fancy though. They're keeping to the swing of things.

Step two: Sound!
The sound is dated! Oh no! It's ok though... Where the SFX lacks, the music picks up. With a different tune for every part of the castle, it will keep you focused, and ready to lay some vampire butt to bed.

The Weapon's SFX are mundane, and caught up. Don't expect anything fantastic on this front.

Step three: Game play?
Heck yeah, game play! This is Action RPG at it's finest. A quick battle system, a strong status menu, and a darn good equipment screen, this game shines as the King of DS.

There are a plethora of weapons, and armor, so you menu addicts will have fun there. The battles will keep you on your toes, and some bosses will push your quickness and cunning. (Until you figure out a pattern. Then it's downhill city.)

Step four: Control...
Nice. Basic Castlevania controls. But, due to a lacking DS D-pad, the game may seem sloppy at some points. (Especially for those of you will big thumbs.)

Step five: Replay!!
After you tackle the main story, (Which has 4 endings), you'll get new game +, and a new character to use. You'll be tired of Soma by now, anyway!

Conclusion: Get it. Beat it. Return it.

Thank god for renting.

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