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Shaman Ring

In the Condemned tower, there is a room with a gold slot machine door. Make the last three digits of your gold to be 573, and the door will open, revealing the Shaman Ring. This allows you to gain experience faster.

Three 7's clothing

In the Garden Of Madness is one of the gold slot machine doors. Have the last three digits of your gold to be 777. The door will open, revealing the three 7's clothing. This will boost your Luck, Intelligence and Constitution by 7.

Super Jump

In The Abyss there is a section of sand that appears to drop into no where. If you drop down it won't kill you, instead you will be brought to another room. On the right side of the screen you will see a soul holder. It contains the Gryphon Soul. It's an ability soul, and when you use it you have a super jump ability. You have to hit L in the air and you super jump.

Getting Death's Scythe

You must have axe. You Soul Synthesis the axe all the way to the Gold axe. Defeat Death and you can use the soul synthesis to turn the axe into the Death Scythe. It's special attack is a summon of one of the four eyes skulls death uses against you in the boss fight. It takes a lot of MP though.

Iron Golem Soul

In your sets, equip in A: unarmed, any desired armor, and Soul Eater Ring. In the Souls, equip Imp[B], Black Panther[G], and for enchant, you can use anything desired. In set B: use any weapon desired, any desired armor, and Chaos Ring. In Souls, equip Succubus[B], and any other guardian and enchant desired, though Treant[E] is recommended. Then, go to the place in Wizardry Lab where you break the ceiling. Find the fountain in the Lost Village, then fall all the way down, and turn right to find the Iron Golem. Activate Imp[B], and punch the thing very fast and it should die. If you get low on HP or MP, use the Black Panther[G] soul to dash to the room on the right, then switch to set B. The Chaos Ring will replenish your MP and you can use the Succubus[B] soul to get HP from the ghosts. When the process is done, switch back to set A and continue fighting the Golem.

Soul Synthesis warning

If you want the best weapons in the game, you must give up some of your Boss Souls. For example, if you want the Claimh Solais, then you must give up the Gergoth Soul.

Leave level boundary

This trick requires the Succubus Soul and the Cutall weapon. Go to the last save location in the Abyss and do the special attack on the very end of the wall, not near the door. Keep doing the special move until you fall out of the level. It is possible to get back to the save room. If you have a 100% map completion, you will uncover about 56% more if you manage to get back in the save room. REMEMBER: If this is done, you will make the final Boss impossible to defeat. After you defeat him, he will just respawn.

How to beat Dmitri

If you have a Witch Soul, let Dmitri copy it. The projectile attack from this Soul is fairly easy to avoid and will make this fight much easier. Additionally, use Une on him and let him copy it. It is the easiest enemy skill to avoid. Also, do not use any R skills (especially the familiars), as he will also copy them and use them along with the bullet skills, giving him two attacks which you must avoid.

How to beat the Iron Golem

Use the Imp Soul; it switches HP damage to MP damage.

Konami man

In the Clocktower in one of the rooms with a lot of spikes, there is a small area with no spikes that is very difficult to reach. Use the Bat Company Soul and land on the spot, then crouch. The Konami man will fly by, which you can catch and sell to Hammer.