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Surprisingly Good

posted by JLM264 (OMAHA, NE) Nov 26, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

When you look at various rating sites, you will always find a large amount of negative reviews on this game. I rented it because it look interesting and there are very few good 3DS games out right now. When you start out in story you will see there are various worlds and many characters with their own fighting style. The story is nothing new but can still hold your interests through to the end. The levels feature basic side scrolling from beginning to end with enemies and obstacles you need to go through. The controls work well enough for the platforming and even the fighting (which most people hate) works pretty well, though there were times I died because the controls were not responsive enough. Going through the story is a little repetitive, though the settings do change enough to make it a small treat to wonder through your favorite character`s worlds. The only major problem I find with the game is its boss fights. While some work(like the final boss) some also are very difficult because they either trap with with overpowered moves or can just blow you away without warning. With story completed its time for the Battle mode. This is your basic 1 vs 1 all the way to 1 vs 3. The game sticks with the Easy-Medium-Hard setup. Unlocking characters in this mode is a bit harder than through story(those unlocked in story are not unlocked in Battle). You need to win X amount of game in order to unlock all characters. In battle mode you also have Local play and Download play. I love the download play option allows for 4 people to battle with only one cartridge. The only downer is there is only 4 characters to use and you cannot unlock more(battles won go towards unlocks in regular mode) Those characters are Ben Ten, Dexter, Buttercup, and one other i cannot remember... Overall the game is very solid and worth it if you have friends with 3DS`s or just need a good game while you wait for Smash Bros to come out(it was announced for 3DS & Wii U)

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GF Rating


cartoon network punch time explosion

posted by herbay (RONKS, PA) May 12, 2012

Member since May 2012

cool scroller game and not to hard but cool for my 8 yr old son and he thinks all the different moves are cool. lots of characters to unlock

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GF Rating

Very Good

Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion

posted by gameguru937 (BRISTOL, NH) Jul 14, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

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A fighting game featuring cartoon characters may not sound so good on paper, but the end result is not that bad. This end result is Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion. The game features 18 characters from popular CN shows such as Chowder, Ben 10, and Powerpuff girls. So it's good for nostalgia, however I feel that more characters should have been added. The graphics are very sharp and impressive, esspecialy when a super move is used. The story mode is good and is quick paced. Two things keep me from thinking this game is amazing.
1 The controls are a little slow somewhat unresponsive making it so you use moves you don't want to.
2 The voice actors. the voices sound unfitting and the characters are talking all the time. Having to hear, "Science, why have you betrayed me?!?" or, "I'm not your boyfriend!!" over and over again makes you just want to turn the sound off. So aside from that this game is quite good if you are a cartoon network fan, this is for you, if not, stick with smash bros. or street fighter. Overall I give this game an 8/10

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