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GF Rating


Ok story, middle of the road game

posted by warrain (KING WILLIAM, VA) Dec 12, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

This game... oh this game. First of all I will be honest. This is a Super Smash Bros. Brawl clone. Not that it's a bad thing...

First the controls are not as responsive as I would've liked. Moves tend to have a slight and annoying delay before they take effect which you can get used to after awhile but it does mean a lot of times once you fall below the stage you're probably not getting back up like you can on Smash Bros.
Second... unlike Smash Bros, this has a story. a crazy messy store but one that is actually being told in game... kindof.. these are older cartoon network characters we're working with here. They're insane in their own rights and together they are just getting messy.

Back to the gameplay... You have a main attack button where pressing up, down, left, or right gives it a different effect and tapping those directions as you hit the button gives you even more power and different moves. same with the special attack button. Here each character has a super move (PTE move) that you can use when you gather enough of the strange blue cubes that drop from hitting characters.

Now after summarizing everything about the game, here is why it gets such a low score. The controls are slow and sometimes unresponsive all together. The graphics are kindof strange looking at all the characters in 3D models instead of their more original art styles which would've been interesting. The activation of PTE moves cause a short cut scene to happen which is ok while doing story mode or playing alone, but add more people or even during standard matches that just stops the flow of everything until it's done and just hope you weren't trying to recover and get back to the stage at the time.

Overall: this game is good to bring back memories of the old shows CN used to show, but as a game.... could be better, just "tighter" controls and better simpler graphics and it would be.

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GF Rating


Bad Smash Bros. clone.

posted by DAVECATAZ (MOUNT PLEASANT, SC) Dec 7, 2012

Member since Oct 2003

Tittle says it all. There is no balance to the characters at all. Some are almost unplayable. 90% of the story mode is just platforming witch is quite frustrating considering all the characters control very floaty and you have to jump with the Y-button instead of pushing up on the stick like in Smash Bros. There's no voice acting either, only the announcer narrates the story and all the characters just say a one liner when they are supposed to be speaking and you have to read all the dialog. The finishing moves are the coolest thing about the game as well as some of the environments. I'd skip it if i were you unless you're a super fan of late 2000's Cartoon Network shows.

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GF Rating



posted by Phantazma1988 (CORAOPOLIS, PA) Nov 7, 2012

Member since Apr 2011

I really love this game, Even though its very similar to Super Smash Bros. I really love how it is all about cartoon network. I love the story mode and the game is fun. I don't know why the critics are complaining about this game. Though I do recommend that they remake this or make a sequel that has more Characters : )

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