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Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL


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GF Rating


Me and the kids didnt like it

posted by siedamills (AUGUSTA, GA) Apr 27, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

we did not like this game i thought it would be good but it wasnt

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Don't go in expecting a flawless game.

posted by McFordmanson (BOCA RATON, FL) Jul 28, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

The party brawler genre is one that is hard to do right. Everything has to be just right. The physics, the control, the graphics, and even the sound effects. PTE has the graphics, but falters on the rest.

Let's get the bad out of the way first. No online multiplayer. The physics feel really floaty and the controls are a bit loose. Landing an attack feels really weak and there's little feedback to your actions. From all this bad, you'd think it would be a terrible game.

And in a way, it is. BUT...

It's also a very fun game. This is the game you play when you want a silly, nonsensical good time with a friend.

The number of modes is pretty good, and the cast is huge. From new faces such as Flapjack and Chowder, all the way back to obscure characters like Captain Planet.

The story is incredibly fun, and the game oozes personality, with each character moving and bouncing around like they would in their own strange world.

In short, if you want a quick brawler fix, love Cartoon Network characters, and have a friend or two around, give this game a shot, but don't expect the best thing ever made. Set your expectations accordingly and you will certainly not be disappointed.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

ugh...maybe if I were 10 years old LOL

posted by metalaries (ALAMEDA, CA) Jun 12, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

I loved watching most of the shows this game is based on but oh geez man. this game looks like it belongs on the PS2 and I was expecting something more...i dunno...playable for someone older...oh well...if you've got kids that love the cartoon network and love the shows that this game is based on, then by all means rent this if they like games like super smash bros or any games along those lines. but for me, a guy that's been around since LOL

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