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A Plentitude of Racing Options

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 28, 2011

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With a name like Cars 2, it’s easy to see what sort of game this is going to be: a racing game.
But the makers of this game have put a lot more into the product than a simple racer. You’ve got several modes in this game.
First, you get the racing game where you race against the AI or up to three other players. Here, you can perform tricks like driving backwards or on two wheels to build up turbo – which you use to go faster.
There’s the Battle Mode, which is the same as Mario Kart Wii – except the weapons are more real life based: machine guns, oil slick, missiles.
There’s the Survival Mode where you have to pick up batteries that are laid out through the tracks.
There’s Attack Mode where you have to destroy several cars called lemons (driven by the AI) with weapons you would get in the Battle Mode.
There’s the Arena where you battle against the AI or other players with those same weapons.
And finally, there’s the Disrupter Mode, aka Capture the Flag. Here, an object is placed in the middle of the arena, and it’s your task to get that object into your opponent’s base.
With this wide spread of modes, 17 race tracks, 6 arenas, and 36 cars, this game has quite the content to it. And up to four players can play any mode - which makes it a good choice for a party game.
But first, you have to get through several missions and get beat several challenges to unlock most of the content – which can annoy some players. Why do they lock up so much material.
And I’m having trouble figuring out what it Power Rating means. Do their weapons do more damage? Do they get more ammo?
Still, Cars 2 delivers the racing and battling fun that I expect from a game in the genre. It’s definitely worth a rent, and possibly a purchase.

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posted by rms923 (CONROE, TX) Aug 1, 2011

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Surprised at how much fun this is. Guides you gently into the controls and the story and pretty soon 2 hours has gone by. Fun and immersive.

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Very Good

A Racing and Battling Blast

posted by timothyrulze (GRANTS PASS, OR) Sep 5, 2011

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Racing and Battling are just the basics of this game. You can also do other modes such as Hunter where you chase down enemy cars and destroy them. You can also Race and Battle.

Two modes are multiplayer only. Arena is one of them. In arena, you v.s. other players and compete for the best score. You can also team up with friends and v.s. friends. You can also do multiplayer in mission/adventure mode. Where you and your friend work together to defeat Z.

There are many things to unlock. Such as modes, stages, and cars.

Just like Cars the first one, there are cheat codes. Use them to do fun stuff.

You can also do online missions and get on the World Of Cars Hall Of Fame. However, this costs $5 a month. You can also get good rewards from doing this.

So if your a Gamer who loves action and racing and adventure games (Like Me), you will love this game.

I give this an 8/10.

Thank you for reading.

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