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cars 2

posted by teto25 (IRRIGON, OR) Aug 9, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

I received the game today and inside of the sleeve was a wii game title country dance, was not the want i wanted I'm going to send it back tomorrow 8/10/11

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Cars 2

posted by Animator22 (SAN JOSE, CA) Aug 7, 2011

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Member since Mar 2009

First off if you don't know this, this is not for hardcore gamers. With that said, this was a well made game. The one thing I truly loved off the bat was the huge selection of charaters! You even unlock more body designs as you progress through the game. The combat missions were the best where you collect different weapons and take out other cars or enemies. It was getting a little old playing the same missions over and over but that's just me. I'm sure kids will love this reguardless!

The single player campaign is not really a campaign. Every mission is pretty much a training simulation. There's no story to this game just all training simulations. So if you haven't seen the movie this game shouldn't ruin any storyline from the film.

Like others said multiplayer is Local only which sucks because the 2 multiplayer modes would have been awesome online! Area mode is pretty much a deathmatch style game and Disruptor is a game of 2 teams of 2 where your job is to grab the Disruptor device somewhere on the map and bring to your enemies base and it will explode. The first team to destoy the other base wins.

The only downside I saw at points is where the AI seems a little relentless near the final stages. There was a point where I couldn't even catch up to first place. But once you find the right car to use then its a little better but I think you should be able to beat any level with any character.

Overall great game! Any kid who loves the movies should like this game!

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Really Bad

Massive repetition - No campaign

posted by SpiderX (LA VISTA, NE) Aug 5, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

Not a bad racing game, but it's just the same thing race after race. Some trophies are easy, but they made sure to make some completely impossible forcing you into massive repetition. Just a simple quick start trophy to start a race , we all tried about 60 times and none of us could do it,,,,not fun at all just a game company saying how can we make this game annoying and repetitious.

No story, no campaign, just going in circles, so the fun would be in getting trophies, but you cant get them because it's to annoying unless you dedicate your life to doing things over thousands of times. Yeah !! Fun.

Don't buy this game,, rent it.

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