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Carmen Sandiego


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Also on:GC, PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Carmen Sandiego

TIP: To increase the Staff's attack power, use some of the more difficult attacks like the 3-Hit Combo or Pole Vault. You may also increase the Staff's damage ability by collecting Amulets. With every 100 amulets collected, the Staff's power increases! The trail of Cole's staff changes color whenever he gets an upgrade.

The Blowgun is a very useful tool. Use it to activate switches, shoot Magic Targets, distract Robots, and to shoot down Air Spirits.

Bring up the Blowgun screen by pressing the Left Trigger. Use the Right Thumbstick to zoom the camera in and out to increase accuracy. Move the Blowgun cursor over your target. If the circle cursor appears as a transparent blue color, your shot is either blocked or too far away. Move the cursor until the circle is red, then press the X Button to fire.

The Blowgun holds up to 25 Pellets. The Ammo Meter in the lower- right corner shows you how many Pellets are left.

Switches: For every blocked path, there's usually a Switch to activate a mechanism such as a bridge or gate. Activate a Switch with one strike of your Staff or a shot from afar with your Blowgun.

Force Fields: Force Fields can only be shut off one way; you must defeat all of Carmen's Robots in the area. Some of these Robots contain pieces of code, and the code can only be collected once the Robot is defeated. When you have all of the pieces of code, go to the Force Field and it will disappear.

Directional Pad Run
Left Thumbstick Run. To sneak silently, move the Left Thumbstick lightly. To run, move the Left thumbstick all the way.
Right Thumbstick Move camera. (Click) Reset camera behind Cole.
A Button Jump. (Twice) Double Jump and catch maximum air. Double jump under cables to automatically slide down.
B Button Action. Sneak along walls and peek around corners. Hang from ledges (use Left Thumbstick to shimmy. You can shimmy around corners). Climb onto pipes and ladders from the top. Press while running to Pole Vault, Cole's most powerful attack. Pole vaulting also allows you to jump long distances and to break through gates, wooden doors, and windows.
X Button Staff Attack
Y Button Show HUD. Press when next to Map Probes to update your PDA and download locations of Robots, Statues, and Puzzle Pieces, and then open your Map Screen to see where they all are.
Left Trigger Aim Cole's Blowgun in a first-person perspective and press X to fire. Use Right Thumbstick to zoom in and out.
Right Trigger Press and hold to crouch. To roll silently, crouch and move in any direction.

A Button A then X = Jump Attack. Twice then X = Overhead Smash. Use Overhead Smash to smash open crates and break through weak floors.
X Button Staff Swing. (Twice) 2-Hit Combo. (Thrice) 3-Hit Combo.