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Captain America: Super Soldier


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Deja Vu?

posted by DeadBite (BRONX, NY) Jul 27, 2011

Member since Apr 2005

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Hey we all know games copy other games, whether it be a certain control style or gameplay function. If it works and everybody likes it why not copy it?

It copies one of the best Batman games of all time, Arkham Asylum

Which in my opinion saves this game, the only things this game shares with the movie is Chris Evans voice, Caps appearance from the movie and some other characters looks and voices as well. The story for the game is original its no prequel or side story…it follows Cap sneaking into Hydra’s Castle trying to figure out what they are up to and stopping them. The castle is pretty much your Arkham, you’ll run around completing missions, fighting Hydra Henchmen and bosses. You’ll also find hidden items scattered through out like journals from Baron Zemo and film reels.

One thing I didn’t find out till the end was that the castle has a sewer system you can use as a way to travel quickly through out the castle. Combat tries its best to copy Batman’s but doesn’t nail it perfectly, its easy to use and sometimes fluid but too many times I would press a button to counter and get stuck in a animation before I could. Cap’s shield is put to great use, you can throw it and of course shield your self. You can also ricochet enemies projectiles back at them, which is always fun to do. You will also encounter alot of areas where you have to swing from poles and jump off beams ala Prince of Persia. You can do this quickly if you time your button presses right, he also has an instinct vision that highlights useful objects and paths for you. I beat the game in 5 hours on the normal setting but missed a couple of hidden items and objectives. There is also some challenge rooms you unlock and vary from from fighting waves of enemies to getting through areas fast.

Captain America: Super Soldier saves itself from being a crummy movie tie in game with fun combat, a solid story, alot of fan service and some nice variety in challenges to keep it from getting repeti

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by gunslingga10 (FRESNO, CA) Aug 6, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

15 out of 19 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

Suprisingly fun. Combat and gameplay alot like batman arkham asylum in the fact that Cap has some sort of FREEFLOW system and that you are infiltrating A secret Hydra Base where the game is set. Boss Battles pretty easy considering, counters are available along with super strikes that take downthe bosses health even more by dodging,evading,and countering certain attacks.
Has an original story (NOT BASED OFF THE MOVIE) but has elements from the movie such as Caps voice,costume,characters etc.
All in all a fairly decent game. Not anything 2 brag about but if you want achievements just by beating the game alone on EASY gives you almost all of them.

Graphis: 7 (although CAP and SHIELD look good) a little glitchie at times though and framerate slows moderately a certian times (not 2 bad though)

Sound: 6

Replay value: 4 ( doesnt have much replay value other than the challenges much like B:AA)

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GF Rating



posted by jones29 (ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ) Aug 4, 2011

Member since Jun 2007

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

overall it was a good game, solid combat (arkham), not being able to jump over railings or jump at all was kinda of annoying, but for a movie based game it ranks really high. Not repetitive, varied enemies, some nice free run action. the only problem i have with this game is its too short and way to easy and theirs not an ounce of replay value. At max difficulty the only time i died was when i fell into a gorge, tons of stuff to find but i found 99% of it without really looking, i had to free roam to find a zemo diary and blow up an AA gun after i finished the game, and the it even possible to get lower than a gold medal on them they took like 30 minutes to finish....good for a weekend or if you want a very easy 1000 achievement points....took about 7 hours to complete it 100%.....good fun game but theirs not a single challenging part in the whole thing

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