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Also on:Xbox 360, DS, 3DS, PS3
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Not Quite a Super Game

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 22, 2011

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It’s good to be the Captain – in this case, Captain America. You’ve got the iconic shield which returns to you after you throw it, deflect bullets wherever you want, and you can beat up the bad guys – the members of a criminal organization called HYDRA.
And that, in a nutshell, is what you do in this game.
Through nine levels you play as the first Avenger, going from point A to point B, dispatching with HYDRA’s forces, and finding things like Prisoner of Wars, treasures or bombs (which you blow up).
Problem is, the game play does not change very much throughout the game (even when they throw in challenges in the middle of the levels). It’s go through a level, beat up the bad guys, and repeat until you get to the end of that level.
What makes the package even less desirable are the unlockables: they consist mostly of artwork that I found to be bland. I would’ve liked to see some more special moves.
And another problem with this game is the camera; it can go wrong in the worst times, namely battling a huge group of bad guys that have me backed up against the wall.
But yet, at about five to seven hours of play time, the game gives a lot of simple button mashing action which will delight players who just want to beat up a bunch of bad guys.
If only Captain America: Super Soldier had better presentation, camera and unlockables, it would’ve been great. RENT IT

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Arkham Asylum for wii?

posted by vdrguy (ACTON, CA) Aug 7, 2011

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The best way to describe this game is a stripped down version of Batman Arkham Asylum on the wii.
The combat consists of mashing the b-button to punch with an occasional counter. It feels very satisfying do rake up 20 hit combos and take out a room of bad guys without a scratch.
Cap's Shield is essentially a bat-a-rang which can attack enemies and destroy crates from afar.
The Location is evan a big mansion you traverse to find Hydra Thugs like Barron von Struker and Madam Hydra who will taunt you and chastise their minions throughout the entire game via intercom.
That i'm afrade is where the similarities end. instead of an open world to explore metroid-style like in Arkham Asylum the levels are linear with little exploration beyond turning left at a corner to find a collectable before going right to the next area.
The graphics are not great but don't look bad. Everyone has giant hands and broad shoulders like in a cartoon. The animation can look stupid at times when allied characters are running like idiots alongside you.
There are a lot of collectables and i beat the game at around 70% completion evan though i looked my hardest for every last one (Some are well hidden)
There are challenges you can play mid game but they are either way too easy or way too hard.
A minor level up system is in place but i managed to max out my character before the last level so replayability is little. unless you want to unlock concept art.
Overall this game is a great Batman Clone stripped down of a lot of things that made that game great (Exploration and upgrading gadgets) and than put on the wii.
If all you have is a wii that you should rent this game if only to get a small taste of what makes Arkham Asylum so great

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posted by willdawg (EAST FALMOUTH, MA) Oct 25, 2011

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