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Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded


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Gameplay Controls

Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded

GAMEPLAY CONTROLS: Each game's controls differ depending on the game. To view or change a game's controls, you can either select Controller Setup from the Options Screen or pause the game by pressing the START button and select Controller Setup.
Directional Buttons Up/Down = Navigate Menu. Left/Right = Adjust or Cycle Menu Item.
X Button Select
Square Button Options
Circle Button Previous Screen. Display Main Menu.
L Button Quick Scroll
R Button Quick Scroll. Display High Scores
Analog stick Navigate Menu. Adjust or Cycle Menu Item.

Directional Buttons Down = Pull Slot Arm. Left/Right = Change Bet.
X Button Confirm
Triangle Button Maximum Bet. Stop Slot.
Circle Button Cancel. Previous Screen.
R Button Single Bet
Analog stick Pull Slot Arm. Change Bet.