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Calvin Tucker's Redneck: Farm Animals Racing Tournament


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Really Bad

Calvin Tucker’s Really Bad Racing

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 29, 2010

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Here’s and interesting idea: Have farm animal drive human vehicles through crazy tracks. Now wouldn’t that be hilarious?
In a word: NO
Calvin Tucker’s Redneck: Farm Animal Racing Tournament uses the same style of play as Mario Kart Wii - except this game is much, much worse.
First off, there are up to only six tracks: Home Sweet Home, But We’re Only Hosting, We Don’t Ride Horseback, Look at the Size of that Thing, Racing to Keep Warm and Aliens Ate my Corn.
There’s up to eight racers also available, each one the same as the other (except for a unique attack).
When you start off, only three tracks, three racers and one tournament are available. When you win that tournament (2nd place is no good here) you unlock a few tracks, the second tournament and another racer.
You keep on winning each tournament (there are 5) to unlock the locked material.
But winning is tough for several reasons:
The AI is out to get you - it does it best to run you off the road, and sometimes you do not have enough warning to avoid the attack.
There are far too many obstacles on each course - it’s not about speed, it’s about dodging junk on the track.
The physics are way off and so is the collision detection. Crashes causes my racer to stall in mid air for several seconds or to jerk and ram full force into a wall. While I'm trying to get back on track, the AI is building an insurmountable lead
These problems forced me to replay sets of tracks again and again because I didn’t win that tournament. This weak effort to add shelf life to a game lacking content doesn't make the game fun, it makes it frustrating. I never want to see the Win and Unlock feature in any racer ever again.
Even multiplayer is lacking; it's only good for two players (when four players is the status quo for racers)
This game confirms that Zoo Games is the next Data Design Interactive (makers of really bad Wii games), and it joins another Zoo Games game Speed on my WORST WII GAMES OF THE YEAR list.

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This game is just plain Bad!!!

posted by SBG011 (BILTMORE LAKE, NC) Jun 25, 2010

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The tracks are stupid. The controls suck. I cant even tell whats going on most of the time. Oh!!! and who the heck is Calvin Tucker?

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posted by YuletideCanine (GREENBRIER, TN) Apr 30, 2011

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This game is extremely awkward. The steering sucks! If it's a racing game you're after, I recommend sticking with Mario Kart. If the game didn't belong to Gamefly, I'd snap the disc just to spare anyone else from falling victim to it! What an awful game! That's 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

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posted by gamebayjay (ANDOVER, MN) Feb 10, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

this is a horrible horrible game. Do not get it. You will never get the time you spent even loading it back.

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