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The Wild West At Its Best

posted by kkraus1487 (AUSTIN, TX) Jun 9, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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I don't see why everyone has expressed such dislike for this game thus far. I just finished the Story Mode so I'll review that.

In the Story Mode, you play as both Reverend Ray and Billy Candle, who's storylines entwine, and eventually come full circle.

As Billy, you will spend most of your time sneaking around and as he says, "running from everything." His most-used weapons are his whip and a bow and arrow. (He does have a gun from time to time.) One notable disadvantage of Billy is that he is much more vulnerable than Reverend Ray in regards to how much damage he can take. The upside to playing as Billy? His missions require tactical measures, so if you like puzzles and
exploration, you will enjoy Billy's episodes more than Reverend Ray's.

When playing as Reverend Ray, you're basically a Bible totting, gun wielding, priest. If you like facing your enemies head-on, you'll like playing as the Reverend much more. He has a thick coat of armor, so he can take many more hits. Also, he is quite the sharpshooter. With his signature dual-wielded, deadly pistols, your enemies will be no match for you. You will also have a third gun, a rifle, shotgun, or a sniper, depending on the episode. So where does the Bible come into play? Well, if you happen to find yourself in a jam, equip the Bible in one hand and keep a pistol in the other. Reading short passages of scripture will stun most of your enemies, giving you the opportunity to take them out. Another way to get out of a tight situation is to go into "Concentration Mode," in which time slows, allowing you to eliminate your adversaries. To sum up the Reverend, he epitomizes what the Wild West was all about, with the exception that he's a priest on a killing spree.

I don't want to spoil the storyline, but believe me when I say that it is solid and definitely worth a play. The graphics are breathtaking and the old-fashion duels really add to it. Ultimately, Call of Juarez is a refreshing addition to the shooter genre.

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Just as good ad GUN

posted by millas14 (ELK GROVE, CA) Sep 8, 2008

Member since Feb 2005

7 out of 7 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

The only, i repeat, ONLY, thing i don't like about this game is all the sneaking. other than that, this game kicks the stuffing out of other FPSs. I mean, what's not to like about a righteous, gun wielding preacher chasing after a boy framed for murder? Shooting up towns, brawling in saloons, there's almost nothing to hate.

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Wonderful work of Art

posted by aggrazel (MAINEVILLE, OH) May 31, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

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The world needs more games like this. I'm not sure why its got such a bad rating with people.

1: Its an excellent single player FPS.
2: It has a wonderful and compelling story.
3: The voice acting is pretty good for a B list title.
4: There really aren't enough Western style FPS's out there.

I think I can count them on one hand, old-west style FPSes. This one has it's own charm. There are two different styles of play depending on which character you are at that time. There's different and unique weapons. There's stealth involved, and there's plenty of interesting strategies you can use to fell your enemies.

And for me, it has the right amount of difficulty. Difficult enough that I feel like I accomplished something when I win, but not too difficult that I get frustrated and want to put it down.

The graphics and music in this game are wonderful. They really put you in an old-west frame of mind. The storyline is dime store novel worthy, which considering the genre it fits right in.

As I say, this game is a true work of art. Well worth the cost, especially considering you can pick it up cheap these days.

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