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Call of Juarez: The Cartel


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Don't take sleeping pills....Just play this game!

posted by andrew88 (MOUNT PLEASANT, TN) Jul 22, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

If you are expecting an awesome COJ game from the past, you ain't getting it. The graphics are horrible, audio is horrible, and the story line is horrible.....I played it for ten minutes then gave the controller to my cousin to see if he liked it....I don't know if he did because i fell asleep watching it.

I really didn't have high expectations cause i saw that it was going to be a modern setting. Scrap this idea and go back to the ol west with RAY!

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Very Not Good..

posted by MagicNarcosis (LOS ANGELES, CA) Jul 21, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

This game is bad. Period..

The graphics are NOT next Gen..
The gameplay is an ugly 30fps COD knockoff that sounds and feels uglier.
The dialogue is corny. Seriously. The dialogue is filled with cliche back and forth acting.
The voice acting is on the verge of being offensive. This game is like a bad B movie.

We are on 360, correct? Graphics aren't always everything. Neither is the sound, but the gameplay.. THE GAMEPLAY? You might as well go play COD. Not close to being worth $59.99. Not even worth the $45 dollar keep price.

The biggest let down in this game for me is the graphics. If this game were 60fps and a bit more polished, I could easily get over the fact that it's a lazy COD ripoff as far as the gameplay goes. (Minus having a prone ability). But not only does it look terrible, it SOUNDS terrible. The very first cut scene in that super secret meeting (lol) the voices sound like they were recorded in a taco truck parked inside of a bathroom. The gun sounds are an embarrassment to the weapon! Combined with the poor feeling of the weapons (But I will add that dual wielding different weapons and the ability to chose to dual wield was indeed dope) makes the game THAT much harder to enjoy.. It's amusing at how bad this game looks.

Poor Death animations. Poor blood effects. But one thing that COMPLETELY made me rip the game out of my XBOX was the annoying cliche and overly acted dialogue during the slow motion kills. I almost wish I would miss when shooting the enemy so that I wouldn't gain focus abilities and be tempted to trigger it. It's terrible.

All in all. Bad game. But this is just MY experience, and you shouldn't allow it to ruin any fun you have had, or will have. But this game.. Smh.. Just rent, play and see for yourself. If you feel the same as I did, I'm 100% sure you will want get rid of this game the same day you get it.

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20 minutes of pure sorrow

posted by bigkidforgames (PORTLAND, OR) Jul 21, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

this game was horrible...enough said..

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