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Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood


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GF Rating

Above Average

C+ for solo D for online play.

posted by Firemore (HERMISTON, OR) Jul 30, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

The graphics of the game are great with all sorts of birds to shoot and chickens to pluck.

The problem comes in the fact that it is not a free roam land scape that I had expected, but rather a mixture of the old school conventional straight line shooter with some free roam between the story plots.

The land scapes that are free roam are where you collect your bountys and other needed funds to buy that better pistol or shot gun you were so wanting at the store. This slight area of freedom is fleeting as once you complete the bounty's there is little more to do than kill the random spawns that are as difficult to take on as the buzzards who circle the fight.

As for the online play I found iit lacking in many regards. Not only does it suffer form frequent lagging, a heavily imbalanced weapons tree and a lack of customization.

The shotgun is a god weapon just after TNT that is. All COD4 Vets know how much wonderful fun it is to spawn and all of a sudden your blown up by a grenade that someone through blindly across the map. Well replace that grenade with TNT and allow the grenadier 3 explosives and you will see my point.

While it fails to keep my attentions online and lacks in its openness in the single player mode I have to say the story is fun to play through and would not complain about renting it for a straight shot through such, but if your looking for a game that will keep you coming back this is Not the one.

C+ for solo play and D for Online.

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GF Rating


Needs to have coop

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Jul 22, 2009

Top Reviewer

Member since Apr 2007

The last Call of Juarez was pretty bad, and this one comes back with one of the best story for a campaign ever. This game is set where there are 2 brothers, Thomas and Ray, and they find throughout the land looking for the medalion, which can let them rebuild their lives. But they have a lot of milestones along the way, and those milestones are really amazing and you dont see a story line like this in many other games. However, by the title of my review you can tell that there is no coop for the campaign mode. And this just doesnt make sense since you can choose to be either brother at the start of each level. This game could easily be made to offer coop. Also i noticed that a lot of this games graphics arent up my standards and theres lots of places where the graphics are terrible. This game also features online, which isnt too bad, but Call of Duty and Halo's online modes are much better. So overall this game has an amazing storyline, but there are so many things that this game doesnt have that it doesnt make sense. Try this game out for the campaign, but remember that this game doesnt have coop.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Good Game

posted by Shooter007 (CLARKSVILLE, NY) Jul 15, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

This game is good if you like strait-up shooting. Along the way you get to choose who you want to be (Thomas or Ray). In the game you get to duel people, one on one. Sometimes you get to blow up stuff with dynamite. But overall this game is just about shooting. From what I am saying, the graphic material (blood and gore) don't meet the standards for this game.
I personally like this game, and if you like non-stop shooting in the 1800s, this is the game for you.

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