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Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood


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Where did this game come from?!

posted by Zman008 (AVELLA, PA) Aug 29, 2009

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When I heard there was a second Call of Juarez game coming out i was a bit confused. The first one was a huge disappointment, but i figured why not? This was the biggest surprise game I ever played. Let me break it down.


Amazing Story
Good Graphics
Good physics
Good Combat
Good Multi-player



The only thing that hurt this game in my opinion is the lack of Co-op. With a story that his game has Co-op was expected, but no. This missions never get repetitive and the arsenal is great. The Showdown mode is amazing though you have to do that with every Boss Battle.

So by far this is the best Western I have ever played and recommend it for anyone!

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There's nothing special about mediocrity.

posted by lordkor (MANAHAWKIN, NJ) Jul 15, 2009

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This game received such high raves that I wondered if I was playing the same game as everyone else. A completely linear game play with a whopping 6 side missions is nothing to praise. You can play with two brothers, I chose Thomas. The story supposed to alter slightly if you play through with both but I didn't bother it wasn't worth it. Each brother can only use certain weapons, why I can't use dynamite or carry a gatling gun with Thomas makes no sense even though I can use a gatling when it's mounted. The graphics are nothing to whoo over, they don't appear much better than a notch above PS2, even the cut scenes are bland. Weapon carry capacity is limited, you can't carry a rifle and a shotgun, or two of the same. You use money to buy upgraded guns, but collecting money is a pain. The bodies vanish and it's a chore to find the items the enemies drop especially in bushes or grass. There is bullet time which is a good idea except you can't store it for use. Once it's charged you have a minute to use it or lose it. Ho hum. There are also show-downs where you have to match your enemies movements to keep him centered, and keep you hand near your gun. Sounds fun right? Except when you move around, your character moves his hand away from his gun so it's a constant balancing act between keeping your enemy in sight and your gun ready. A lot of time even doing it right you won't draw your gun and die. This happens quite a bit and you'll find yourself screaming in annoyance. You also have to stay by your AI brother through most of the game and can't stray too far away. This "short leash" completely kills the pittance of exploratory value. I doubt I'll ever understand the appeal of this game, and I don't really care.

Brother interactions

6 whole side missions
Bland graphics
Buggy & numerous show downs
Short leash with AI brother

Linear game play.
No replay value.

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Not even worth renting...for me anyway..

posted by ZreviewZ (WESTMINSTER, MD) Oct 9, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I was kinda excited when they sent me this because after all i had wanted to play a western game however when i began to play it the guns felt too weak and not only that the aiming system is off in alot of ways i dont reccomend buying this game or even renting it. Ubisoft needs to stick with the more futuristic war games instead of working on titles that will never work well for them!!!!

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