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Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood


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Above Average

Fun, but little variety

posted by JonCookie (LONGWOOD, FL) Oct 4, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

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Call of Juarez is a prequel. It doesn't require you to have played the first game in order to make sense of it.

The game begins in a civil war battle, introducing you to the two characters one by one, pointing out special abilities for each. The first thing many will notice is that the game looks amazing. Scenery is absolutely beautiful, presenting lush environments and sunlight that shimmers through swaying foliage. The world looks large, but the player is not free to explore all that much.

At the beginning of each mission, the player is given the option to play as Ray or Thomas. The only difference between the two are the guns they wield and some minor path differences. There's really not much a difference. The controls are solid and gunplay is simple, with some special concentration mode events thrown in. These events are there to get the player out of sticky situations, and are pretty fun.

However, the game gets repetitive. Fast. There is very little mission variety. Go here, shoot anything that gets in the way, go somewhere else. It gets old fast, and can detract from the fun. There are too few special missions, like mounting a gatling gun to defend your carriage.

The story is rather uninspired. Cutscenes are dull, slow, and boring, and present little motivation for the player to continue. The only characters one cares about are Ray and Thomas. And maybe the other coward brother. All others are stereotypical, one-dimensional cutouts who are there simply to connect the plot. The girl, especially, is a terrible cliche who becomes horribly annoying as the game progresses. This isn't good, considering the game tries desperately to elicit sympathy from the player, but fails.

Multiplayer is okay, but suffers from severe class balance issues. It's not very fun, but there are many game modes that are creative. Also, there's NO CO-OP. That makes no sense.

It's worth a look at if nothing else is out. But mostly, fairly derivative, except the environment.

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GF Rating


A must

posted by Vader3 (GULFPORT, MS) Aug 9, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

11 out of 15 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

Call my a sucker for Western games but I found this game to very good. I never played the first one and you dont really need to since it is a prequel. After you play through the story you will want to play the first one. the story was well written and the voice acting is top notch the gamplay was great too. There were only two problems I had with the game. First was the Quickdraw events, they were not bad it is just that it took me a couple of times to get it down but everytime the events happened it took me three times to beat it and it really got frustrating. Another problem was the online multiplayer, It took me awhile to find a game and when I did I found the game to be very boring and not exciting at all and that goes for all the types of games too. So, if you like a good story, gameplay and grade A voice acting you will just eat this up.

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GF Rating


Good Western

posted by Buzzsaw (WINTER HAVEN, FL) Aug 4, 2009

Member since Jul 2007

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I have been waiting for a good western game ever since GUN. For me, none since then have lived up to that one... until this one.

Tried this one since a couple friends played it and liked it... and while the first level for some reason I just didn't care much for.. after that it was really amazing. The graphics, the gameplay, sound, all are really great.

Multiplayer was fun, kind of repetitive... and all the game modes feel kind of the same, definitely still had a great time playing it.

Graphics, amazing. Sound, amazing. Gameplay, nice and smooth once you get used to it. Replay? Yes definitely going to go through again using the other brother. After that? Probably!!

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