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Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood


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With having low anticipation, this game rocks!

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Jul 2, 2009

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You look at the Videos, trailers, but you don't really get much info on the game in itself.. Never the less, Call of Juarez is a awesome first person shooter.. The controls are easy to get use to. The covering controls are unlike any other game out there. Gameplay will resemble Brothers in Arms' game, but the gameplay is a lot more user friendly.

Starting off in the Civil War, 1864.. You play the McCall Brothers, Thomas and Ray McCall.
Thomas McCall is a bit more quick stepped, agile, and strategic in his gun play methods. Being able to wield silent weapons, the Bow and throwing knives. Thomas can also climb obstacles using his lasso.
Ray McCall is the type, to run into fire with his guns blazing. Ray uses more aggressive strategies, wielding dynamite, and is able to carry the Gatling gun. Ray prefers blowing threw obstacles instead of going around them.
Taking place back in the olden times, of the late 1800s; The McCall brothers were Confederates in the Civil War. Before the war was even over, the McCall brothers got tired of listening to they're superior officer and decided to leave the Confederacy. Doing so made them become Outlaws, but they wanted to do what they thought was right.

Ubisoft and Techland have made a Gem of a game. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, will not be for most gamers. The reason being.. Call of Juarez is a realistic, Western, first person shooter, but not at all rusty in the game play or environment. This game really sets you into the Wild West. The world of Call of Juarez is vibrant, lush, and rich in depth. The AI is very aggressive and is quick on the draw. The motion is by far the most dynamic in ANY first person shooters, and even has the most tactical online FPS game play.

The reason I gave it a 9, was because they could have done more with the game play. Even though you can select who you are, there is just one story. There isn't a endless map either, each level is staged off, but there is a couple stages you do explore in.

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Vastly under rated game

posted by Otis12pack (GREENVILLE, NC) Dec 30, 2009

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This game was very good, I was more than pleasantly surprised. The story is excellent. I usually tear though games in no on their hardest level, not true for this game. The hardest level of play is actually hard, wow. Story wise I put it just a notch below Uncharted 2, no really. One of the great things about this game was the multiplayer. the graphics for multiplayer were not great but the innovative game play modes were fantastic. I play a lot of online shooters and I have not been as impressed by game play modes as I was with this game. I know that they siad it had open world aspects, but I was really a very linear game, but the story made me forget those short comings.

It is a definite must rent on game fly, but also worth picking up if the price falls down to the $35 level. The game performed fine, no freezing or locking up a la borderlands or fallout 3. It is not a game that will change your life, but it was one that I am glad I played.

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Very Good

Call-of-Juarez Bound-in-Blood

posted by tommidrab (MCCULLOM LAKE, IL) Aug 3, 2009

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hmmm, its a good game , finnaly something that takes us back to the wild wild west , u get to chose as which one of the brothers you want to play most of the time , some chapters dont have this option though and you must play witha character given you by the creators of the game for that chapter , trophies are too hard to get in my opinion if you are a person that likes to collect them all and shot for the platinum trophy hmm good luck , i finished the game on hard and some levels i had to repeat muuultiple times ,game took me about 10 hr to finish and i only gota silver trophy for that!!!~that is not a good deal for trophy diggers ,for exapmle in burnout pardise you will get 5 silver trophis in 10 minutes but hey, not evrybody is after achievments ,so to sum things up i will give this game a solid 8/10 , especialy since i heard its a first game from this company,allrite thats it i hope this helps..

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