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Also on:PS2, DS, PS3, Xbox 360
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one of the best games of call of duty

posted by 129856 (NEW MARKET, TN) Jan 12, 2009

Member since May 2008

this game is a great game.and on the wii this is even better .the wii gives this game a feeling that you are acually in the game.the levels have a good diffaculty. the controls are very good and the story line is great.the m rating for the game is becase of violence . it is not a bad game. i say you buy this .because this is a pritty long game.

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Lots of holes and flaws.

posted by MichaelW (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Jan 5, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

The game allows you play on two different fronts, the American front vs the Japanese, and the Russian front vs the Nazis.

The game would be an 8.5-10 if not for the American campaign. For whatever reason, the game makers left alot of holes and mistakes when designing the islands you fight on. The AI for your Marine partners are horribly stupid, and you are able to stick your gun into certain locations in dirt and shoot soldiers on other side of hills. Consquencly the Japanese can do the same at times. To go through every glitch on the American side would take too long. Like the guns reloading after 1 shot. (shoot 1 bullet, character automatically takes magazine out and reloads it).

The Russian campaign on the other hand is fun, and there were no glitches I experienced. The graphics are very good for Wii, and the interaction with AI is good, your 'comrades' are smart, they cover you when you want to snipe, and usually say informative stuff throughout the mission to help your character stay alive.

As I said before the Russian campaign in very fun, the American campaign has too many glitches, and it is very annoying as the Marines in the missions are very dumb and always get themselves killed easily, whereas the Russian characters stay alive till the end of the mission.

Overall it's a fun game, worth keeping if you enjoy the online play.

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Controls not as good as earlier xbox 'Duty' titles

posted by lowtech (COVINGTON, KY) Dec 31, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

This game has excellent graphics for a Wii title. For instance the flame-thrower fire is very good, and the blood splatters are realistically gruesome. But the game is not fun to play. The point and shoot controls are sluggish. Quick, large motions are registered well, but fine motions result in nearly no reticule movement. Some actions, such as "Shake the Wii-mote" to fight hand-to-hand only work 10% of the time.
The multi-player mode is a bit confusing. One person controls movement, but both can shoot. It's difficult to keep track of who has to throw grenades, who has what reticule, and how much ammo for each weapon.
In the Peleliu Airfield mission, the script assumes that you have blown up the Japanese tanks before assaulting the anti-aircraft. However, if you flank the tanks you will reach a checkpoint that is in direct line of tank fire. Guess what happens... you die. And you start right back in the same place, and you die. repeat that last sentence about 20 times. The only way out is crawl up to the anti-aircraft trenches, thus leaving the tanks behind.
In the german country side there are a handful of tanks that you must put out of action with a bazooka. Again, flanking the tanks will screw up the entire mission. If you don't pick up the first bazooka in front of the farm house, but instead you first pick up the one on the second floor balcony you will be able to use the balcony bazooka, but no other. When it runs out of ammo you can't get any of the remaining bazookas in the level. You can see them, but you can't pick them up. This leaves three tanks that can kill you with one shot, and you have no way to destroy them. So again, you die like 15 times before quitting the level.
All of the "Call of Duty" titles would be much better if they were less scripted. It would be great if the next "Duty" played like "Star Wars Battlefront". Set up the scenario, give the characters their own objectives, then fight it out!

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