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The Last of its line...well maybe

posted by MustacheMa (FAIRFAX STATION, VA) May 18, 2010

Member since May 2010

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Call of Duty World at War is one of the best COD games so far. Although it was nice of infinity ward to go into Modern time,the Cod games were made off of the world war 2 franchise. Yes as the years go on they begin running out of actually ideas but it was a nice. The game including both a Russian and American theaters of battle which hasn't been done since Call of Duty 2, also we see the Japanese. Who are almost never shown in any WW2 game. Also after beating the game your given a fun extra call zombie mode which is what world at wars replay value is. The multiplayer isn't the best (but if that's your reason for buying the game then play MW2 that's multiplayer) The achievements/trophies are also good, no its not just complete level there are some that require some skill. The modes of gameplay is also good, veteran difficulty is very hard at some levels and easy at others and you will get frustrated as you kill unlimited enemies with a PPsh for the 50th time but you figure it out sooner or later and win. In reality the games great and meets all standers it set out for (and if your comparing it to MW2 your stupid).

Gameplay: 10
Replay: 10
Graphics: 9
characters and story: 10
sticks to WW2 weapons and battles: 10


still go for both a buy and rent so go out there and buy this game


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World at War Delivers with Heat & Gameplay

posted by marshall84 (ASHEVILLE, NC) Nov 12, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since Apr 2008

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I reserved my copy & with anticipation, the wait is over & the game overall, is one of my most favored games I’ve owned for 360 to date. The story, the depth of the story is deep, vast & graphics, stunning visually, might as well drool watching the screen! The opening brings you to the attention of oil being fractioned, there’s a huge war over oil. Japan is on your side & it’s time to call on your airstrike support from the Japanese. The gun of my choice is the BAR & propelled rocket launcher.

The game takes you on a journey from the 50’s-60’s. Historic visuals, storytelling is a 10 in my eyes. I cannot stress enough of how well ActiVision created this game versus the massive developers Infinity Ward who put out COD Modern Warfare. The combat system is so accurate and on point. Depending on your level of challenge, the easiest is Recruit, others as Hardened & Veteran. The 1st level is breathtaking. Instead of lush dark color of COD Modern Warfare, World at War is much brighter, lighting effects, environments, characters, land masses, boats, tanks, in highly detailed creative artwork, that pulls it off smoothly & effectively.

The campaign/story mode is on the short side, but the missions themselves are long for each mission. I wouldn’t give it more than 20 or so missions at most. I’m halfway thru the game as is. I’ve also heard numerous complaints of the multiplayer & online. People, Call of Duty was made for Hardcore gaming! It’s been that way since Sony launched the 1st Call of Duty back in late 1990’s. The multiplayer is very fun, it’s more team based versus going thru a straight deathmatch, headquarters, & so on.

You have to work as a Team, not as a solo soldier fighting for your country & nation. It’s the most challenging multiplayer of COD I’ve experienced this far. I don’t want to give out spoilers, it’s definitely worth rental, for shooters and COD fans I suggest buying it. I hope you enjoyed the review. Final grade: a solid 10 out of 10.Enjoy!

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Above Average

It'll Get Under Your Skin (and not the good way)

posted by SgtSnyder (ORLANDO, FL) Aug 18, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

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Let me start by saying this is the first 360 game to cause me to throw one of those pretty little $60 controllers across the room. I had an idea of what to expect going into COD W-at-W. But I was is no way prepared for what I faced.
The controls are smooth and familiar, the weapons are typical of any WWII era game, and the battlefields are.....NEW? Yes, W-at-W introduces you to two seldom (if ever) seen fronts of WWII, the Pacific and Russian fronts. Sadly though, the environments are the only unfamiliar face of this game. Most every other aspect of this game plays like a clone of every other WWII game in existence.
Whats worse is the developers seem to get a kick out of killing the gamer. Your partner AI's fight like mentally deficient chimps whilst your German and Japanese opponents display the skill of an army of Rambo-like warriors. Whats more they seem to be in possession of an infinite number of grenades which they pelt at you endlessly. It is like trying to dodge raindrops.
Furthermore I would caution even the most seasoned gamer against attempting Veteran difficulty. It is quite literally enough to drive one insane. Suffice it to say it took me over 20hrs to reach the second to last level. Upon which I spent over 3hrs attempting. I cried, I seethed, I spewed venomous acid from my mouth, fire from my ears, and lasers from my eyes. And here I sit, with the level still incomplete, and my pride in the dust. The achievements bring no sense of accomplishment, only an elation that the level, and in a sense your torture, is finally complete.
To all my fellow gamers, I offer only this advice.

1.)Rent, don't buy
2.) leave Veteran to the clinically insane, as they have nothing left to lose.

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