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Call of Duty: World at War


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Don't Shoot, I'm Short!!! Too short!!!!!!!!

posted by Mross011 (COLUMBUS, OH) Nov 18, 2008

Member since Nov 2005

Call of Duty has been a quality franchise and it has been consistent but where this game really disapointed me was in it's length. Graphics were very good and the stories kept me going but all of a sudden it was over. I played it on both the medium and very hard levels but length is length and for $60 and change it is not worth it. The fina battle at the Reichstag was fun as was the final battle in the pacific but neither was very rewarding...I did like the constant bonzai-ing of the japanese troops and their bayoneting efforts. Not to mention their constant barrages of grenades.

Perhaps a $30 game and I would be in. Just to add...the little SS Zombie game at the end was cute but far from entrancing. Killing WWII German elite guard (Gamefly won't allow me to use the obvious actual N...A...Z...I...word in the description) is more fun and pleasurable when they are in their lively, gun toting and arms bearing pre-dead states.

The only other issue I had was that I thought the AI of the game was not overly intuitive but what do I know about game making.

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Call of Duty World at war

posted by Denmark198 (TAMPA, FL) Nov 18, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

to be honest its just the same as COD4 just ww2 and it still lags and ppl still quit in the middle of games when there losing just like in COD4 so i give it a 7 but i cant wait for the next COD which will be made by Infinity ward so look out for that


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No Disappointment Here

posted by Weezle41 (BRECKENRIDGE, TX) Nov 18, 2008

Member since Mar 2007

You know, I was one of those ppl that thought there was no way Treyarch would be able to match, much less out-do, Modern Warfare. Now, I’m not saying that this game is “better”. However, it is a very enjoyable change of pace.

You can definitely see an improvement in the graphics, especially in the colors. This game doesn’t seem to be de-saturated and, some of the levels have really jumped out at me. The gore factor has definitely been jacked up with severed limbs and disembowelment. There is more detail in the environments and the character models. The multi-player seems to be a little more challenging, with some cool new additions such as vehicles, (found the controls to be sluggish but still fun blowing stuff up) wide variety of new weapons and, who doesn’t enjoy unleashing a pack of German Sheppard’s on their opponents with a seven kill streak.

I can certainly tell that Treyarch wasn’t going to settle for being one upped by Infinity Ward. I think it is a great idea how they are taking turns releasing the titles and, I think that we the gamers will benefit from it richly with two studios competing to try to make a better game than the last one released by the other studio. All and all I have to give this game a 9 out of 10. I won’t say its better than Modern Warfare but it is just as fun. I’m definitely keeping mine as a welcome addition to my gaming library. Weezle41 if you want to find me for a game.

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