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Almost as good as COD4

posted by NOTACAB (RAVENA, NY) Nov 16, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

I just got my copy today i am an online guy so i only played the mission for about an hour just to get a feel for the game. I must say it is great but online play is better then story mode. I love the artillary strikes and the dogs. It is alot bloodier than cod4 for example when you get hit by a boom your arms or legs will blow off freakin cool. It took a little while to get used to the old style weapons but once you do its all fun from there. It is a must buy. If you love cod4 you will love cod5 you might not like the story mode but the online play is great.

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Too short and not as good as COD4

posted by gary7354 (WESTLAND, MI) Nov 16, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

I have all the COD games and love and own them all. This game is better than COD3 and similar to COD 2 with the Russian side of WWII as in COD2. It also has one enemy seldom seen in any game which is the Japanese. The Japanese where the most ruthless of all WWII. Hmm, I wonder why the Japanese ruthlessness is seldom exposed?????
However, this is the only game, to my knowledge, that actually shows this side of the Japanese.

The most famous snipers in WWII were the Russians and this game has a great section where you are a Russian sniper in training. The Russian story line was great as was the Marines fighting the Japanese. Both sides where quite challenging. It seemed as though the enemy were very good with hand grenades as most of my deaths came from hand grenades.

The new weapons are the flame thrower but most new weapons in this game generally come from the fact the they are Japanese which, again are seldom seen in any game. However, the T34, Russian, tank fight was the most challenging and fun tank battle I have ever experienced in a game. Additionally, you are part of the black cats, aircraft used to save stranded sailors.
The American narration was from Keifer Sutherland in was great as I love 24 hours. The Russian narration is from Gary Oldman. This is a big budget and very well done game as you would expect from the COD fame.
However, this is very short solo game. All great games seem short but, I must admit this one is very short as I beat it in about 5 hours in solo mode.
With this version of COD you see the end of WWII which I hope means we might see more recent conflicts like maybe the Korean War, the Vietman War ,the Afghanistan War, or the Iraq War.
I really believe COD 4 is the very best game of this series and game that I have played to date. I really enjoy the more modern weapons, the ones that have scopes and dot type sights as used in COD4.
This game is at least a rent and if you loved the other COD games a must have game.Have Fun

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COD5 not as good as COD4

posted by mstarr25 (DOVER, DE) Nov 16, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

COD5 is not as good as COD4. Yes it's 1080 HD but it's dark and difficult to make out enemies. Lots of new weapons make it interesting unfortunately they seem a bit underpowered. No red dot makes it a nice challenge. Online play maps are huge. Almost too big. There are a lot of great sniping spots. But I find that Teammatch games can be difficult to find people at times. I love how they incorporated the boot camp into online play. Guess they learned from SOCOM's mistakes. In the end will I buy this game? YES. It's a great game. I was just wishing it was better than COD4. Then again, maybe it's just not possible.

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