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got into the beta

posted by sonoframbo (NEW ERA, MI) Nov 13, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

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during the time of anticipation for the release of world at war i was lucky enough to get into the beta. i was pleased with the weapons since they were very detailed and going back to world war 2 also meany every ones favorite sub machine gun, the thompson sub machine gun. cool weapons aside there is also alot of polish, character models look clean and dirty at the same time, in other words the game looks gritty but not gritty enough to were it hurts the graphical experience. new to the series is gore and when i say i mean realistic gore, not gears of war oh i got shot in the leg and now my guts are splattered all over the wall gore, but simple realistic seperation of limbs and the occasional disbowelment but all of these gorey deaths are used to portray brutality of war but still this game is not for kids. better yet the multiplayer is back and its even better. Now im sure that theres going to be people playing the multiplayer complaining about how the game takes place back in world war two but hey the game is called world at war for anyone who knows how to read they should be able to tell its another world war 2 game and if you cant than your probably not smart or old enough to realize it. As a gamer i have always enjoyed the feel of world war 2 style weapons and after playing cod 4 it feels refreshing in my opinion its better. so kick of your shoes sit back and play some codwaw. hoorah soldier

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Love the Game

posted by FrankBurns (NEW RICHMOND, OH) Oct 17, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

Im a hardcore COD fan. I got the game and bought it it was that good. Going back to WW2 was a disipointment, but new guns and perks (along with na-zi zombie mode) made the money well worth it. BUY THE MAP PACKS. natch der untoten gets old easy. The guns are great. and finaly COD made a MP40 look good! its my 2nd fav gun. (PPSh hard to beat) So i REALLY recomend it for any COD fan. But not perfect. Some missions really seem the same but then the online steals you away. or something blows up and your interested again. So waiting for MW2? Get it. Happy hunting.

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GF Rating


World at war

posted by WISteel (TURTLE LAKE, WI) Nov 12, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

65 out of 83 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

This can best be described as COD4 completed. It's early, but no one seems to be using glitches...yet. The weapons are a little hard to get used to, open sights take some time to get used to again. The realism is much better than in COD4. If you run into a room full of bad guys you most likely wont run out. Tanks are a new addition, and somewhat underpowered. When you shoot the main gun of a tank in the direction of an enemy, you somewhat expect him to die, not so much in this. With the abundant supply of tanks on some of the maps, that's probably a good thing though. Some of the guns feel a bit underpowered, but that may because of the hit detection. When you spray wildly at an enemy, you dont always hit them (are you listening COD4?)
Most of the perks from COD4 have returned, as well as some new things. The shotguns still useless, unless you are point blank don't expect a kill, on the flip side if you shoot two enemies point blank, it will often kill both with the same shot. The addition of the dogs instead of the helicopter is awesome. There is nothing better than hearing the sound of your commander screaming "Unleash the dogs!" The 4 legged killing machine runs around ripping the enemy to shreds, and being on the receiving end of the dog attack is actually pretty funny. Nothing better than running full speed away from an attacker with no gun. When they catch you it's a little frustrating, (you often don't see them until it's too late) but the chase is half the fun.
All in all it's a good game, but if you liked COD4 and can't live without a red dot, you won't like this. One final thing worth mentioning, the cover in this game is much more important. Camping can be quite effective, and moving strategic ly is a must. If you run into the open you'll get hammered. Your uniform blends into the scenery pretty well, and so does your enemies. You will probably find yourself more than once sneaking up on a bush that you swear has arms and a head.

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