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I can't believe I'm gonna say this but....

posted by dalion82 (HOUSTON, TX) Nov 17, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

I was so happy when this game got in the mail and maybe I was to excited to play it. Unfortunately I was saddly disappointed by the game as a whole. Of course the graphics were top of the line but the story for campaign seemed like a re run of the last two MW games. Here is the basic formula for the COD MW series:

(1) Russian madman attempts to destroy Westren civilization via nuclear/biological weapon.

(2) Main character that is only identified by his "mystical" call sign at some point dies during the story.

(3) At the climax of the story there is a dramatic, slow motion minigame that ends with you doing something either superhuman or John Woo like.

Now that was just the campaign. The multiplayer is basically a map pack with some new weapons and perks. Did they make some improvements? Yes, but not enough to say that it's groundbreaking or even worth the full price of the game. If I had to choose the worst part I would say it's the Juggernaught killstreak. If ou haven't played the game, once you get to a certain amount of kills you get a care package that contains the armour and a shield. All I have to say is that is shouldn't take an entire team and several rockets and grenades to kill the Juggernaut, it's too much.

Overall it's a good play and worth the rent but (I can't believe I'm gonna say this) It's better to go with Battlefield 3 if you want a GREAT multiplayer experience.

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Same ol', Same ol'

posted by Merluxx (FREDERICKSBURG, VA) Nov 17, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

MW2 Multiplayer got an expansion pack, I thought it was pretty fun and all that but it wasn't an improvement. It was a great play for a few days but originality went out the window, and while the updated perk system was fun, it hardly holds your interest for longer than a few days (In my opinion) its based on K/D ratios in almost every game mode and it has a large effect on objective based modes. So when I gave mw2 a 8, I'm giving this a 7 for the fact that its not better so it doesn't warrant a higher score.

Pros- Fun, slightly improved graphics, next installment of a good campaign.
Cons- Repetitive.

So in conclusion this is a must rent, but don't expect to play it for longer than a few weeks.

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posted by icyjoe (AUDUBON, NJ) Nov 17, 2011

Member since May 2011

Campaign is good as always. Multiplayer is the same old formula; Spawn, sprint to choke point, kill/die. Repeat.

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