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Modern Warfare 2.5????

posted by Stackloc505 (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Nov 19, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

I personally believed Modern Warfare 3 is same game as modern warfare 2 and wow i was right Activision is stuiped, They basically just added news guns, new maps and customistation and such. its bascially modern warfare 2.5, Dont get me wrong the game is good but i already feel bored of the maps and bored of the game, if you like modern warfare 2 then Get it! if you didnt like MW2 then dont get it!

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posted by THROWDOWN2 (PERRYSBURG, OH) Nov 18, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

Call of Duty does it again. It is no suprise that people waited hours outside their local best buy or gamestop for one of the years most anticipated games. The game is simply amazing. The graphics have been polished and the gameplay once again suprise gamers.

The Campaign picks up where Modern Warefare 2 left off. The quest, to find and eliminate Markov before he destroys the world. The Campaign was amazing bring gamers back to how much they loved Modern Warfare 2.

The multiplayer is crisp and clean. I have discovered that IW really wanted to eliminate the "camper". The spawns are crazy and always usually load you in a different spot everytime. So spawn rapeing as it has been known no longer exists. The only downfall is to all the snipers is there is no long range maps mostly just short quarter maps. Maybe in the future IW will add some maps to please the snipers of Modern Warfare 3.

Also a lot of people who are treyarch fans are bashing the game and IW fans bashed Black ops. But if your a Duty fan it should not make a difference. Duty is Duty no maker the creator.

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posted by joelost360 (MILWAUKEE, WI) Nov 18, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

Right from the get-go I see that this game is basically the same as previous editions. You have the classic forward progression in each level, the same run-n-gun style as before. I found that the only difference between MW2 and 3 is the slight graphical update and the new features. It plays the same as MW2, it looks just about the same, and it basically is the same. The main campaign is really short lasting about 6 hours for me playing on normal difficulty. I guess games have become more about the features than the main story. All that aside this game is still a good shooter but it is no Battlefield 3.

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