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Fantastic Game

posted by hilikus (LAKESIDE, CA) Nov 12, 2009

Member since Apr 2007

173 out of 274 gamers (63%) found this review helpful

COD: MW2 is easily the best call of duty thus far. Aside from the game's noticeable improvement on graphics, the game overall smoothness of game play has taken another turn for the better.They have also added a nice improvement on the sounds. Aside from the campaign, they have also added a new Co-op style campaign called Spec-Ops where you and friends can work together to complete tasks

Improvements in the multi player:
+More Perks
+Bigger Maps
+Kill streak rewards now go up to 25
+Able to get in the AC130 and helicopter turrets in multiplayer
+Able to put more than 1 gun attachment
+Quicker Matchmaking
+Shotgun is now a secondary weapon

The campaign from what I have played so far is great. They definitely aimed away from being able to just run and gun. Now there are more levels where it requires some skill and patients to complete certain tasks.

Overall I give the game a 10 because I feel its a great step above its predecessors. And its over "replayability" is very high. I would recommend this game to any newcomer to the COD series, and wonder why a old fan doesn't already have it?
+New Game

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Use to be an 8

posted by Devincholo (PHOENIX, AZ) Jan 6, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

15 out of 23 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

The title sys it all...don't get me wrong I use to think that MW2 was one of the best games out there till people started to camp and get nukes ON EVERY SINGLE GAME I PLAYED!!!...I hate it

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GF Rating

Above Average

Don't BUY into the hype.

posted by Captiosus (NEWPORT NEWS, VA) Dec 14, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

71 out of 115 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

I outright purchased Modern Warfare 2 because I fondly remembered all the time and fun I had with COD4. Sadly, I wish I had just rented.

Campaign is short, about 4-5 hours long tops and the only challenge comes by playing on Veteran which is artificially difficult (by this I mean the enemies don't act realistic at all but rather all turn and unload at you and you alone).

Spec Ops is probably the best mode in the game right now. It's actually a lot of fun and worth playing again. At least until you manage to get all of the stars, then you're done.

Which brings us to multiplayer, the reason MOST people got this game. Simply put, it's completely and utterly broken. At risk of typing a novel, allow me to elaborate:

- The maps are horrible, have lots of texture hangups (where you can get stuck on a texture out in the open) and promote a gameplay style of camping.
- The spawn system is terrible and entirely too easy to be spawn camped.
- Glitching is out of control on all three platforms.
- Weapons range from "feels like a toy" to "god mode".
- Weapon attachments are, by and large, meh and the newly included Heartbeat Sensor further promotes camping.
- Lag and hit detection are some of the worst I've seen in any multiplayer game in 20 years of gaming across multiple systems.
- Many of the perks are redundant or have very little practical use.
- The killstreak rewards also promote and REWARD camping which makes the game wholly un-fun. Many of them require no user interaction at all to gain kills because the computer AI does all the work. Additionally, some killstreaks count towards others, so with the right combination anyone can repeatedly get choppers or harriers to camp players at their spawns or get a nuke and end the game.
- Deathstreaks are supposed to give players an extra boost if they find themselves being killed a lot, but they rarely help at all against the camping gameplay this game has become.

All in all, I'm sad I spent the money on this.
Rent first!

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