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A Great Game Flawed By Cheaters, Hackers, And Lag

posted by Remy360 (TEXARKANA, TX) May 7, 2010

Member since May 2010

85 out of 125 gamers (68%) found this review helpful

The anticipation of this game was well worth it.

The graphics and game play are highend. Some people were dissappointed with the story but I feel it was fit in great with the game and worked great considering that the main part of this game was catered toward multiplayer. But thats where the game goes downhill.

Its not neccisarily the multiplayer aspect itself that hurts the game, but alot of the hacks, glitches, and lag contributed by lag switchers. Some people claim that the matchmaking was faster than the original but I personally had average dsl, and the first time I tried the multiplayer I spent 30min to and hour trying to get into a match.

Some of the classes and perks are greatly unbalanced. And even though the makers of this game have tried to address them, it hasn't helped much.

And if you want to get an idea of the so called "hacking", go and look that the top of the leaderboards between 1 and 2000 and you can easily see for yourself that there is this hacking going on with this game.

Even though most will blame it on the players in this game, it all originally stretches from the developer not throughly testing the multiplayer and addressing the problems before the game was released.

But where the multiplayer kills this game, the campaign and Spec Ops have saved some of this game.

If you haven't played Spec Ops, it is many different Co-op missions. So you can play with your friends and actually do the teamwork on which was the game's orignal intention with multiplayer.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Really, IW?

posted by gmr510 (BETHANY, CT) Aug 8, 2010

Member since Sep 2009

57 out of 83 gamers (69%) found this review helpful

This game is good, don't get me wrong. The single player campaign is awesome, the missions being really fun.

Spec-Ops was okay, and I had a great time playing co-op with friends.

The multiplayer was amazing when I had a few friends to play with nearby or online... but do not go into a random match.

They're ruled by hackers, rocket/grenade launcher spammers, and campers. The maps that come with the game alone are pretty awful, none being as good as the COD4 maps. The assault rifle allows any person with a trigger finger to have perfect aim (thanks to no idle sway). Perks can be unfair and certain combinations are unbalanced.

The killstreaks really killed the game though (no pun intended). The 25-kill nuke has made boosting as easy as ever, and more and more people with no real skill camp for them.

However, if you find a game with no campers, glitch/hackers, or spammers, it's a fun time. Just know that finding a match like that is about a 1 in 10,000 chance.

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Yet Again, Another Overrated CoD Game

posted by Zan595 (LODI, OH) Jan 8, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

59 out of 89 gamers (66%) found this review helpful

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is by far the most over rated game of all time. It follows its predecors nearly to a ridiuclous extent, which is a problem in itself. The game does have it's occasional fun moments in co-op, but normally only when playing with friends.


The Good-

Great multiplayer replay if you're into the "run in, shoot, die, respawn, repeat" type of thing, great graphics, easy to use party system to speed up to find online matches with friends, and satisfying weapon controlls. But that's where it ends.

The Bad-

The "diversity" of weapons has to be a joke, as the game's weapons are all just sub-types of guns branching from 5 main weapons- (pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, missle launchers). There are seemingly many guns in the game, but in reality, there's just 20 different names and damages given to the same type of weapon.
CoD: MW2's multiplayer is entirely unbalanced, and overall frustrating. The multiplayer xp you receive unlocks equipment that newer players don't have, unbalancing the multiplayer entirely, and leaving players with the "If it worked on me, why won't it work on him!?" feeling.
The campaign is the same as it's always been with CoD games- plow your way through the story that dosen't exist while stacking achievements, and dealing with the A.I "teaching" you how to do things you've done countless times.
Also, I understand it's in bad taste to rate a game on the players, but CoD has the most british 12-year olds in its fanbase than any other game I've played. What happens with these online encounters is that the kid will attempt to rap with his annoying, underdeveloped voice over the mic, and people will yell at him to "SHUT THE %&!$ UP!". The kid is never pleased to hear this (surprise) and often team kills for the rest of the match or quits. I hate to include online experiences in reveiws, but this has become so severe it's an actual factor of the game.

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