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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex


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Great Game

posted by SKeeZyMLG (FAYETTE, IA) Nov 13, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

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i Think treyarch did a very good job porting this game over to the wii. It is basically exactly the same cod4mw for the the HD consoles. You sacrifice a bit of the graphics but thats to be expected, but it still has all the heart pumping action that made cod4mw for the hd consoles a must have. although i love cod4mf and am currently cracking at the codmw2 im still finding the time to play this game. maybe its just me but i love shooting things with the wii. its more immersive. plus i can play with my wife with the drop in drop out feature. (yes you heard it right) full campaign co-op!!! i mean the second player can't control the character but they are given theyre own reticle and can blast away at all the baddies (basically an on rails shooters for the 2nd player) o and it has multiplayer (max 10 players :( ) but its still very very fun. so in conclusion even though i own cod4mw for the 360 im still keeping (reflex) cause im a faithful wii player and i wanna see codmw2 for the wii as well... (see y'all on the battlefield)

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Very Good

posted by jawshoouhh (ARCADIA, CA) Dec 6, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

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When I saw the beta pictures for this game I thought it was gonna be lame like COD WaW. Now that I have played the game, the looks and game play look/are phenomenal. For the bad graphics the Wii is known to have this game makes up for it. Being a hardcore player of the PS3 version, this one has made me play both of them equally now. Highly recommended to anyone whos been looking for a good shooter for Wii.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Enlist here if you didn't on the 360 or PS3

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Nov 15, 2009

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Member since Jan 2008

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When Call of Duty: World at War became a big hit on the Wii, it was natural for the company to come up with another version for the Nintendo console.
So, here we have with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex, the Wii version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that came out some time ago on the 360 and the PS3.
It's a First Person Shooter, and not some substitute rail shooter like Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
For those of you who haven't played the other versions of this game, the story shouldn't trip you up.
It starts off with an operation on a ship; you need to get on board and get your hands on a manifest (information about nukes). After that, the story expands into a fight against a terrorist group who is out to use those nukes to attack the eastern United States.
The story does lag a bit in the middle (why are all the choppers running low on gas?), but it picks up steam and gets to a great climax near the end of the game (where a joint operation of British and American forces go in to take out the bad guys’ headquarters to stop that nuke threat.)
And the gunplay on display here is great; some missions have you sneaking past the enemy and picking them off with a sniper rifle, while others encourage running and gunning. One mission has you firing aircraft guns at ground troops. Just blast those bad guys and watch them fly.
There are many level difficulties available - this game can be played by almost anyone in the “M” rating audience. (No kids or teens here, sorry).
And having a second player tag along is good, but that player is stuck in rail shooter mode.
The biggest problem I see is if you have played the original version of this game on the other consoles, there really isn’t much reason to pony up another $50 for this version (should’ve gotten the Wii version out at the same time as the other versions)
But if you haven’t (and if you loved Call of Duty: World at War) then you must get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex. BUY IT.

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