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Easy (Like Sunday Morning)

posted by Mikew7458 (DENVER, CO) Dec 30, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

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Because that's how long it took me to beat this COD campaign on veteran (something like 5 hours). I remember some Modern Warfare missions with parts where I'd die 50-60 times on veteran (so maddening, but I think that difficulty is so rewarding when you finally get through it). On this one I died a TOTAL of about 10 times. There's obviously the insane stunts and fun/unique missions (like flying a helicopter), and I actually like where they went with the story (the homeland being attacked), but with a reputation like COD has, there just needs to be more substance in the way of campaign missions.

Graphically speaking, it's very appealing to look at on Xbox One, but it feels like it was cut very short just to make the console launch date. When you get to the cut-scene at the very end of the campaign, just try and tell me they didn't cut this single game's campaign in two for no good reason, à la The Hobbit movies.

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Not The Same Infiinty Ward And It Shows

posted by Crusader (VANCOUVER, WA) Nov 23, 2013

Member since Mar 2006

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I spend 99% of my time with COD games in multiplayer. I take 1% of my time and beat the campaign, which is almost always great. But multiplayer is the meat and potatoes of COD and with Ghosts it suffers. The control, handling, and overall polish just isn't what we typically see from IW and the MW games of yore, and it's plagued with crummy spawns and laggy matches. The Squad Points you have to earn and spend on new weapons and attachments is stupid and hateful and slow. The maps are big - which is nice, sometimes - but there is an inordinate amount of ladders, windows, ledges, alleys, walkways, and just plain too many avenues of approach, which is compounded by the aforementioned terrible respawn locations. With maps that big, I shouldn't get spawn-killed two or three times in a row! There might be one upside in this game, at least: I think "quick scoping" is finally gone. That's a plus. And I will say the multiplayer HAS grown on me some once you get used to the levels, but I am not as fanatic about playing this game as I was with all the other MW games.

When I prefer a Treyarch version over Infinity Ward, something is wrong. I would rather be playing Black Ops II right now which is made by Treyarch, and I hated the original Black Ops and World at War, also made by Treyarch. I played every single Modern Warfare title, however, until my thumbs bled, and I have 10th prestige on all of them to prove it. I loved Infinity Ward like a human baby for their amazing Modern Warfare series. But it's just not the same Infinity Ward and it shows. All the lead creators left Infinity Ward due to a fallout with Activision, the franchise publisher and owner of the Call of Duty game rights. They then got back together and made the studio "Respawn," who will be making the game Titanfall. RIP to the real Infinity Ward. You will be sorely missed.

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Very Good

Great with some flaws

posted by Wolfe15 (HIALEAH, FL) Nov 22, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I have been playing Call of Duty since the first Modern Warfare from the day it was released and although there are some flaws the game is still very good. The campaign is exceptional and has experienced many upgrades and improvements. The multiplayer is where there are some issues and it is mainly related to spawning and some of the map design. In some of the maps there are literally almost infinite areas you can be shot from and you are sometimes spawned very close to enemies leaving you vulnerable. That being said the new perk and killstreak system is great; including all the new weapons and weapon attachments. So I feel its still a great game however the future maps need better design and the spawning system needs to be re-vamped.

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