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posted by OmniPhillips (PAONIA, CO) Jan 21, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

Painfully bad campaign, it took everything I had just to get through it and it's only about 6 hours long.
Same old multi-player we have had for what 5-6 years now.
The only reason I gave it a 5 and not a 0 is because of Extinction mode. Where zombies has been getting a bit stale lately Extinction turns it around and made it fun again. Love this mode, the only thing good about this game.
All I can say is that I hope people stop buying COD games so that the companies figure out that they actually have to come up with new ideas to get peoples attention instead of just releasing the same game every year.

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What's with the hate?

posted by curiouschris85 (SLIDELL, LA) Jan 17, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The graphics are phenomenal. The single player is short but engaging. The controls are simple. The multiplayer is fun. The voice acting and music is excellent.

I find myself playing a lot of the Extinction game embedded in CoD. Similar to Zombies, but you're tasked with destroying hives as hordes of aliens attack you. I can't get enough of it.

People will always moan and complain over CoD franchised games - but really, go make something better and stop being so critical. This is a very well made product by a very talented team.

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Really Bad

Call of Doody

posted by satanschil (PORTLAND, PA) Jan 16, 2014

Member since Aug 2006

Long time COD player, but will never buy another installment. Campaign mode was fine, online game play horrible. Need squad points to unlock all weapons and attachments and perks. Thats fine if you play all day everyday, cause the better you perform the better the points. But if your like me and a weekend warrior it sucks. Takes forever to gain the points to unlock the weapons. Then is the respawn issue, when you die and start in a new location, 8 out 10 times its in front of the enemy. Then the posers that sit, hide and use a thermal scope. Where's the fun in this game. Then you have the rip off zombie game called extinction, DUMB. Way to go make it as bad as Black Ops. This the last COD I will ever buy.

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