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The Multiplayer sucks, Extintion is only way to go

posted by FatsacOFPat (VENTNOR CITY, NJ) Mar 4, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

This game sucks so bad. Infinaty ward is not the company it used to be. Most of the top developers left and are in the process of making Titanfall, which i suspect will be the best game of 2014. If you go get call of duty, the only way to go is the extintion mod. Its really fun, and kind of a zombies feel, but with more team play and strategy vs just killing zombies with random weapons. But there lies a problem in extinction. Threres only two levels, and one you have to buy, which i think is hoarse poopie since the game aws 60$ and 80% sucks. Big dissapointment overall. But like i said, extinction is pretty fun. So id say dont buy, just rent and play extinction untill your tired of it. Or if mommy and daddy are paying for it, get the extra level thats out, and you will get more out of it. Hope this helps IMO battlefield 4 multiplayer kills COD ghosts multiplayer. 64 guys 32 vs 32. COD is half that. Hope this review helps, and id say def get titanfall reserved. Deuces

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same thing over and over again

posted by justchillin (NEW YORK, NY) Feb 26, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

playing most every cod i have to say that the company has been slacking. just go back and play some of the 1st games you will see how hard the 1st player is. I find that games have shifted to a 1 path and that's it. seems the only game out right now is TOMB RAIDER where it allows you to do something more then the game itself but then again you get put back on to the 1 path to beat the game. same with how RE5 & 6 was. I think that company's have found this out and just try to push a game out each year because the stock holders of the company want green backs. I come from a age of C64 where some games did not even make sense but sure was fun playing around with it. If the company cant get off this 1 path track i see sales are going to fall. lets get back to the old days where 1st player mode you would die 50 times and have to rethink the game over again. I do not want to pay $60 for a game then have to pay $$$ for micro dlc / dlc / add ons / plus this and that milking me for a prem sub or some other this and that. I paid $60 and that should be for the life of that product. not saying MAPS or other cool stuff should not be sold have a limit on stuff that is getting DLC and want money for it. I have only spent about $10 on stuff on my xbox / xbox 360 / xbox 1 ( and most of it was hats or some stuff for my person ) , I'm sorry but my days of spending $60 on a game are long done. If they want to sell this and that then games should be the price of $15 to $25 with a DLC range from $1 to $30 for the life of the game. does it really cost $19.99 for 5 maps to be made or what not. if you where to get 19.99 X everyone of those people that's a of a lot of money and it sure did not cost that to make the maps so why jack the people buying the game. I'm giving this game a 5 because of the lack of anything new. We get it 1st player is not where the money is. GFX are lacking over the PC , a big step up from the XBOX 360. Again its the same thing year in year out

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posted by mamber (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Feb 24, 2014

Member since Oct 2011

not enough ghosts, very misleading

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