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Call of Duty Ghosts: Gamers Review

posted by RaianK (BALDWIN PARK, CA) Mar 31, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

Ill be honest, I am a fan of the COD series as stale as it has gotten in the past few years, and while Black Ops 2 left me with a good. Ghosts has given an absolute bolster about Call of Duty Games.

Single Player: Lets begin with the SP, while most people don't even bother with this, it does play a vital role in the review and to be honest, this is by far one of the worst campaigns in a Call of Duty, even worse then 3. The character development is none existent, you play as a guy who you know little about and end giving little to no care about. The relationships while it tries to convey emotional connection, it fails entirely between way little text dialogues and often mistimed, emotional set pieces. Now lets talk about the story, so basically you have the South Americans taking over the US and you play as the new " black ops" unit to try and take the US back. The story is mediocre at best, its essentially a really bad Michael Bay film, lots of explosions no story.

Multiplayer: Now lets talk about what matter, the MP the " big" reason as to why this series has sold over 5 billion units. This time around they place a huge emphasis on a squad system, but they ruin it by making it a different game set entirely away from MP. The new create a class system is essentially changed to having you level up a soldier, giving them camos and armor skins, that are only present for that character. Basically a gimmick, doesn't make the Create A Class anything radically new. I am loving the new Perk system though, its essentially a large list of perks divided into sub categories and now having a point attached to each perk. This is a very good foundation for balancing in the game as the better perks cost more points so you cant just run around with SLH and Steady Aim.

Basically in general this game isnt good, but it is the best twitch shooter the PS4 offers, so its worth a pick up at around 25 bucks.

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GF Rating


Pretty good, not too easy, not to hard.

posted by Librianitus (MEMPHIS, TN) Mar 26, 2014

Member since Aug 2012

The main story of the game is not too interesting, but playable, the real reason most get the game is for the online multiplayer which in my opinion is not too bad. Most will say it is terrible or you die to quickly and blah, blah. If you are coming from Black Ops 2, yes, the health is lower and the feel of the game is very different. Bo2 was harder in my opinion, and if you were good, you were good, if you weren't, you had a hard time. This particular cod is a bit more balanced as far as giving not so good players a fighting chance, but at the same time if you are going against very good people it seems like you die instantly in team matches. I am average, maybe slightly above and I mostly play FFA, and I did decently in Bo2, in this game I kind of excel. You do not get a lot of chances to kill because of the health, so practice with accuracy, map knowledge, and reaction time are key. It is not the most colorful cod, but compared to the ps3 version it looks very good, and it is a lot more clear.

The game in my opinion is not worth the retail price, maybe about 20-30 dollars, simply for the multiplayer. The story is about 10 lol. If you do not like playing online with others, skip this title, and most likely all future cod...ha.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Nothing on battlefield 4

posted by Mike3083 (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Mar 19, 2014

Member since Sep 2008

I rent the game got bored fast same mess year after year camping and quick scoping no vehicle to drive cause they all control by ai, I rather play battlefield 4 then another call of duty not much change accept graphics for next gen im sick of all the hand outs in call of duty games killstreak & perks giving you assist battlefield 4 you work for everything need air or vehicle support you hope in tank,helicopter,jets,boats call of duty all this is control by bots boring.

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