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Really Bad

Just bad. Anyone who rates this higher than a 4

posted by dbol205 (STEWARTSVILLE, NJ) Aug 16, 2014

Member since Mar 2006

Knows nothing about games. For a game franchise well into its life this has gone backwards. Bad visuals and frame rate make it bothersome to play. Then you have the game play, just bad. Bad computer AI and too many explosions make for repetitive gameplay. I could go on and on but I am sure you get the point.

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posted by Thousanddog038 (BESSEMER, AL) Aug 10, 2014

Member since Aug 2014


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Very Good

way to short, but still good

posted by aleksi (HIDDEN VALLEY LAKE, CA) Aug 6, 2014

Member since Apr 2010

yes, i have to say that this game is way to short. normally, that's not a big deal for me in most games. but for a game like this, it matters. especially if the developers are thinking of making a sequel to this game later. if u are going to incorporate more than one ideology like world domination and all the little intricate details that go along with it , then it has to be longer to be able to express that better than it did. the beginning was great. it set the stage for all the characters and what their main objectives were. i especially loved how it started off in space. what a twist! i also liked the section when u get to play the dog that the soldiers brought along with them with a camera of some sort strapped to it's back. that way u had a visual perspective on what the the soldiers were seeing. that was cool! however, i just felt that the middle section, with all the usual swimming around in the water and trying to evade the enemy stuff and the over explaining that came along with it could have been rethought. been there done that!

on the plus side, the graphics (as usual), were awesome! Activision has maintained their eye for detail. very little robotic movements, rich colors and textures, and smooth transitional sequencing.

the acting was also great. you believed the good guys were sincere in their mission to save the world from the bad guys, and u believed the bad guys were trying to stop them with everything they had.

so, to rap it up, i thought this was a strong 8 that good have been a 9 had activision just explained a few of their key points a little bit better and made the middle a little bit longer as a result. otherwise, great job Activision!

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