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Absolutely Awful

posted by Crimson_Untamed (POUGHKEEPSIE, NY) Dec 7, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

I was a fan of Call of Duty for a while but it has turned into a dying franchise trying to cling to life. This game must take the record for shortest campaign I have ever played with one of the most undeveloped story lines I have ever seen. I was so turned off by the campaign, I didn't even bother playing multiplayer. This franchise needs to end while it still has a good reputation or they are going to drag themselves through the dirt.

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Disappointing and Needs a Tune-Up

posted by VolvoSalesXBL (GLENMONT, NY) Dec 7, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

I was excited as I am sure many were for the latest installment of CoD. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I like CoD for the single player campaigns. Since a lot of reviews focus on multiplayer, I figured I'd chime in on single player.

Let's start with the Pros... The story itself was enjoyable for me, which is usually the case with most CoD's in my opinion, so I feel it did meet that goal. The cut-scenes were beautiful and moved the story along. The in-game graphics were ok for the most part to outstanding in some parts. Nice weapons. A variety of things to do, drive, etc.

The Cons unfortunately far outweigh the pros for my enjoyment. The biggest issue by far for me was interaction with my environment... I felt my CPU controlled team mates were constantly in my way, Literally. I felt more like I was trying to maneuver around my team mates more than obstacles on the map to reach the next checkpoint. It seems like there are issues now that never appeared in Modern Warfare or Black Ops... like its lost its "smoothness". Maybe issues were created with multi-cross platform old gen/new gen, who knows. Either way, it feels like a step backwards.

There are also too many "Slow Motion/Press The Flashing Button" moments. I don't know about you, but I want to play the game, not watch a movie and push a flashing button on the screen like a lab rat. The game lacks a lot of interaction where it could have benefited from it. I mean if I actually don't have to do anything to "hack the terminal" or "cut the power", then why have me bother to press a single flashing button on the screen? Why not just start the action at arrival of the checkpoint. Makes me feel like I am pressing Play and Pause on a movie. Completely kills any opportunity for excitement or anticipation to be built up through the level.

In summary, while disappointing and seemingly taking steps backwards from previous CoD's, it was still worth the play if you are a fan of the franchise. Rent, Don't Buy.

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Very Good

same old call of duty

posted by Lou_Gunnz (RENO, NV) Dec 6, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

Just another version of the same game, same game play, and some silly
Game modes. They could have just put it out as Dlc.
On the other hand Cod always looks decent.
All the kids love to play call of duty.... But the men are playing BATTLE FIELD 4 ON XBOX ONE. Even with all its server problems bf4 is a much better game.

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