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posted by Goddess_xD (PITTSBURGH, PA) Mar 1, 2014

Member since Mar 2012

I'm a huge Call of Duty fan. Ghost is awesome if you like the Modern Warfare series, Black Ops will always be my favorite but Ghost is way better MW3 !!

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COD Ghost

posted by LordspeXt (DELTONA, FL) Feb 22, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

Well I have played every Cod game made. And I have to say well the campaign are awesome the multiplayer is very lacking. Just run and gun. No real skill. just spray and pray style shooting. if you like camping players and kill streak players. well this is your game. if you want intense warfare style combat. NOPE. Fails

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Above Average


posted by kinky_werewolf (OMAHA, NE) Feb 21, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

This call of duty is overall one of the saddest excuses for a call of duty title since c.o.d 3. The single player story (although somewhat interesting) feels exactly like every other past call of duty. slow- mo breaches, insane action sequences in which no one dies but everyone should have and over dramatic scripted gun fights. so the single player is lack-luster. now multiplayer on the other hand, this is where all the low scores are coming from because it is THE WORST MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE OF ANY C.O.D and the worst of any major fps title in the recent memory. To any long term player such as my self this multiplayer doesnt even feel like a c.o.d. the maps are terribly designed being far to large for 6vs6. the assualt rifle category is overpowered. the token system is terrible. Its more of a currency then the point based unlock system used in black ops. the game feels so different from other c.o.d's that you have to re teach yourself how to succesfully play this game. my advice, CAMP. there is a game section called squads but it is really not that well done nor does it have a decent enough community around it. the wave survival mode from mw3 is back and upgraded so it is fun otherwise this area of the game seems neglected. now the shining gem of this game is the game mode extinction. it is infinity wards version of zombies but it is much more intense. it has rpg leveling elements inside of each match in the form of points you spend to upgrade your abilities and items. And outside of each match in the form of permanent unlocks to use in future games. it is fast paced, intense and is one of the most unique things ive seen from a major fps game company in a while and i love it. i highly reccomend playing it. otherwise if you dont like it i would say avoid this call of duty title. just wait for titanfall if you want a fast paced fps. i will have a gaming channel running sometime in late spring with videos on extinction. KinkyWerewolf.winning on youtube

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