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Really Bad

unfinished game

posted by leolas (PORTER RANCH, CA) Jan 15, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

let me say this.this game lags its so unbearable.i own all the cods and none of them have lag problems .my connection is very fast .this is spawn and die in a second .its one shot one kill,but when you look at kill cam it shows he emptied almost an entire clip .that's the most frustrating thing in this game. customizing guns and perks also very cluttered and looks unorganized and small .this swat thing is also bad idea.if i wanted battlefield i would have gotten battlefield .maps are to big and the camping is disgusting. It feels rushed and not even close as good cod black ops 2...

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posted by MrNutJob (VENICE, CA) Jan 7, 2014

Member since May 2013

I play these COD's one right after the other, I'm not big on Nostalgia, but I'm glad they shifted into the Future... and seeing my Home (Santa Monica) destroyed was very fun as well!

Not only that but Elias looked just like my Brother! So this is a very fun game, and am amazed that it didn't break my back somewhere trying to figure it out like most games seem to need to!

I mean, hey, most people can't even lift a can opener without instructions anymore these days!

It went very fast and was over pretty quick... I don't usually give games 9's unless it's Myst or something... but the carping about 'what used to be' reminds me of a lot of sad stories.

Well Done!

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GF Rating


Not what I expected

posted by Shadowstacker7 (DUNDALK, MD) Jan 5, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

I buy call of dutys for the campaign not the multiplayer I don't know why people even enjoy it you just get shot all the time by campers in the maps and raging constantly I however LOVE extinction the zombies in black ops 2&1 literally couldn't kill me however extinction is a nice challange to zombie fans and campaign is long but no replay value if you want that play black ops 2

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