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It's a Hollywood Reboot in Game Form

posted by Myeroc (TORRANCE, CA) Feb 13, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

TL;DR: It's like a Hollywood reboot. Lots of hype but the flashy effects and little features do nothing to keep you from feeling frustrated. Read on for more details
So another CoD game. What to say really? The campaign felt very short compared to Black Ops II. I was really hoping they would have kept the player choice options but it was back to the linear follow-him-go-here gameplay. Even the sniper sections and the turret levels seemed too short. I usually like the CoD campaigns but this one was a disappointment. Now for the multiplayer:

In a word: frustrating. In more words: controller smashing, profanity raging, face palming frustrating. First, the spawning seems broken. In every game I've played, I seems to spawn right as some guy is coming around the corner or I spawn in the middle of their team and get blown away before I take 3 steps. Then there's the unlock system. I understand the concept. Seeing all the unlocks and choosing your loadout is nice, but for new players there is a steep learning curve. Since you are given standard issue loadouts instead of the preview classes as in previous CoDs, you have no way of knowing which attachments work for your play style. With steaks being dependent on kills again, this makes it difficult for you to gain an advantage of any kind against advanced players.
The maps are bigger now and campers are a plague. This goes double for your own team now too. I can't play with my mic on Domination for fear of screaming at my teammates who would rather camp a door than take an objective.

TL;DR: Too much hype and not enough substance. I thought CoD had it right with Black Ops II and I was hoping Ghosts would build on that. Sadly, I am disappointed. If I had payed for this at launch, I would have turned it in for credit at gamestop by now.

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Excellent game to rent!

posted by kshap246 (BOYNTON BEACH, FL) Feb 13, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

This game has an unbelievable story mode, not to mention I'm loving my new trial on gamefly, it's amazing! I am going to have to get the two games out at a time deal! But back to the game it rocks to rent! Go for it you won't regret!

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posted by Cursedfangs (ALAMOSA, CO) Feb 11, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

I thought I try the new COD a shot. Its not even worth the 5$ I used to rent this title. Multiplayer is a camp festival cant walk 3 steps without being spawn camped.
Sniper rifles too op they 1 shot u without even hitting you.
No vehicles to drive.
Story was way to easy beat it in less then half a day in the hardest difficulty.
if you want to play a good game go to the battlefield series and avoid the cod series its showing its age

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