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Call of Duty: Finest Hour

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Also on:Xbox, PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Call of Duty: Finest Hour

GamePlay: Each mission starts with a cut-scene explaining the current situation as well as the mission goals. Listen carefully as this information may just save your life.

Control Stick Move. Push Lightly to Walk. Push All the Way to Run.
Control Pad Down = Reload Current Weapon. Up = Use a First Aid Kit. Left = Switch Between Items in Inventory. Right = Switch Between Weapons.
A Button Throw Grandes. Place Mines.
B Button Pick Up Items. Interact With Environment.
X Button Change Your Stance Down
Y Button Change Your Stance Up or Jump While Standing
Z Button Melee Attack With Your Weapon
L Button Aim Down the Sight (ADS)
R Button Fire Current Weapon
C Stick Look Around
Start/Pause Show Mission Objectives and Pause Menu
Combo #1 L Button + Left or Right on Control Pad = Lean Left or Right